Amazon Brand – Solimo Plastic Kitchen Peeler – Green

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Amazon Brand – Solimo Plastic Kitchen Peeler – Green

Angularly positioned sharp stainless steel blade to swiftly cut through the vegetable & fruit skin
Faster and safer alternative to using knives
Handy scoops on the sides to remove blemishes
Comfortable plastic handles
Easy to clean. A handy tool for any kitchen, Solimo peelers are ideal for peeling the skin from fruits and vegetables. Equipped with sharp stainless steel blades, these peelers are a safer and faster alternate to knives

Rs 159/- only

Dimensions and Size

This vegetable peeler measures 13.4 cm in length, 1.5 cm in width and its blade is 6.5 cm. This ensures you get the best possible solution for slicing through the skin and blemishes of larger fruits and vegetables.

Easy to Clean

This peeler can be cleaned with ease due to its simplistic design. Comprising a stainless steel blade this vegetable peeler is a faster and safer alternative to using knives.

Scoops for Blemish Removal

It houses a small plastic scoop that is useful for removing blemishes from vegetables and fruits. The comfortable plastic handle makes it easy to grip and seamlessly cut through the skin of vegetables in a smooth manner.

Angularly Positioned Blade

Solimo brings to you this hand peeler that is designed with a stainless steel blade for removing the peels of vegetables and fruits. Its angularly positioned sharp blade can swiftly cut through vegetable and fruit skin


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