SuperSSmart Referral Code to Earn 100 SupeSSmartcoins

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Apply the SuperSSmart referral code 78db1d while signing up to unlock a reward of 100 Superssmartcoins on the SuperSSmart app and enjoy a seamless shopping experience!

  • You can also follow the link to download and the referral code will be auto-applied during registration. 
  • The new SuperSSmart referral code is applicable for new joinees only. Hurry up and join the app for an ultimate shopping experience!

SuperSSmart Referral Code

The answer to your online shopping dilemmas is finally here! Your very own Super Saravana Stores is now out as an in-app experience. Trusted for over 50 years, this retail store has been ruling the southern states of Tamil Nadu since the start. Now they are determined to expand in the online landscape branching off from their usual store setup— with the name SuperSSmart. Hence, we invite you to enjoy a seamless shopping experience with a similar approach of reliability as you’ve always shown for Super Saravana Stores.

As a token of welcome SuperSSmart is offering 100 Superssmartcoins as you join the app using our SuperSSmart referral code 2c137c or head over to the app directly from the Play Store.


SuperSSmart is currently serving country-wide in all major cities. With each purchase, you can earn more coins and cash them out as a discount while checking out. 

Note: Accumulating 100 Superssmartcoins will give you ₹100 discount and is fully redeemable. So do not miss out on a chance to grab amazing deals and offers!

Attributes Answers
Superssmart Referral code 2c137c
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits 100 Superssmartcoins accepting invites, 50 Superssmartcoins on successful referral. 1Superssmartcoin= ₹1
Website SuperSSmart
Founder Thiru Rajaratnam
Cities All major metro cities in India
Platforms Android, iOS


About SuperSSmart App

The superstore started with a small-scale textile shop that aimed to serve people at unbelievably low prices. In 1969, Super Saravana Store started as a clothing store on 45, Ranganathan Street, Chennai. But it gradually rose to fame and the entire city of Chennai could recognize the store just by its name. The founder owes all to the sheer hard work and honest business practices. They emphasize mostly on people’s support when it comes to their success. Eventually, as they started getting popularised, they ventured into jewelry from textiles.

SuperSSmart Referral Code

Super Saravana Stores caterers to all your needs from casual day-to-day needs to wedding trousseau shopping. This time they have incorporated opticals, furniture, footwear, appliances, electronics, gift articles, sports accessories, home decor, toys, beauty needs and so much more. They have currently ventured out into their very own online superstore, serving the entire nation in all major cities right now. You can regard it as your one-stop destination for all your shopping needs delivering everything to your doorstep! Super Saravana Stores aka SuperSSmart App is now Available on the Play Store and Apple Store for you to download.

You get products from all ranges for all age groups and their specific needs. Their customer support is available 24/7 to maintain a better customer relationship. So explore the SuperSSmart app and fill your cart with everything you need. Expect deals never seen before and discounts on every purchase! 

SuperSSmart Referral Program

SuperSSmart Referral program is as simple as the app itself.  after you register on the app using our SuperSSmart referral code 2c137c or use our referral link, you get 100 superssmartcoins. When you share your referral code with your friends and family, each successful referral will get you 50 superssmartcoins. Each coin is equivalent to ₹1. So as you earn 100 coins you are eligible for a  ₹100 discount! It can be levied during checkout. 

You can find your unique referral code under the Refer and Earn section of the Account

To send an invite, 

  1. Open the app
  2. Go to Account
  3. Tap Refer and Earn
  4. Tap Send Invites

Choose your message medium

Send away your referral invites for SuperSSmart app the smart way!

Note: Coins will be credited to your account only after a successful registration process by your invitees. 

How to get started with SuperSSmart using the SuperSSmart Referral Code?

Follow these few steps to register on the SuperSSmart app and get 100 superssmartcoins.

  1. Tap on the link or download the SuperSSmart app from the app store and install it.
  2. Choose your language- Click on Tamil or English to proceed.
  3. Tap Next
  4. Tap Register
  5. Now enter your name, and phone number and agree to terms and conditions.

If you are using the link to download then you might not need to add the SuperSSmart referral code. Otherwise, you will also have to enter the referral code 2c137c. 


  1. Then tap Register, again to finish the process and continue shopping.

And… your 100 superssmartcoins will be instantly credited to your account.


  1. What is the latest SuperSSmart referral code for 2024?

The latest referral code is 2c137c

  1. Does SuperSSmart app deliver all over India?

Yes, SuperSSmart app provides pan India services. 

  1. When can I redeem the Superssmartcoins?

The superssmartcoins are redeemable during checkout. Once you tap on Available coins, it automatically deducts from the coin balance giving you a discount of that same amount as deducted. 

  1. What is equivalent to 100 superssmartcoins?

100 Superssmartcoin is equivalent to ₹100. Fully redeemable.

  1. How can I earn Superssmartcoins?

You can earn Superssmartcoins when 

  • you register using our SuperSSmart referral code 2c137c, 
  • refer your friends by sending invites and they register using your unique referral code, 
  • purchase products from SuperSSmart app.


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