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  • Zebpay is used by 20 Lakh+ users in India and is a safe and secure cryptocurrency exchange.



Download Zebpay, Simple and secure crypto app

Looking for a simple cryptocurrency trading app? Zebpay is a simple and elegant app for trading.

Zebpay referral code 2021 for new user bonus

Join Zebpay by entering the Zebpay referral code RFRAMAL7217 while signing up.


Exchange Codes
Zebpay referral code RFRAMAL7217
Eligibility New users only
Signup bonus Varies country to country
Expires on 31-12-2023
Exchange Zebpay
Platforms Android, iOS, Web
KYC Required? Easy online KYC
Country Worldwide
Parent company Awlencan Innovations India Limited
Referral income Yes

Zebpay is well known for a simple and beginner-friendly user interface for cryptocurrency trading. The KYC process is too easy compared to other apps such as WazirX, Coinswitch.

How to use the WazirX referral code?

Zebpay allows you to trade different digital currencies such as USDT, INR, BTC, and WRX markets where the fees vary based on your choice and mode of trading. Unlike other platforms, Zebpay charges you a monthly trading fee of 0.0001 BTC if your account is inactive. An account that has never been traded in a month is considered an inactive account. If you have plans to continue using the exchange, make sure you active make trades every month.

Trading fee and Membership fee on Zebpay

What is the maker fee in Zebpay?

Maker fee is also called a limit order. Consider this scenario when you are placing an order to buy or sell at a distant price than the current market price. You’re a maker in this case since your order is first gone into an order book first which contains all other orders from other members. Being a maker, you are also adding more liquidity to the crypto market. The maker fee on Zebpay is 0.15%.

What is the taker fee in Zebpay?

The taker fee is also called a market order. Now we know what is the order book, whenever you are placing an order to buy or sell tokens at the current market price, your order will be fulfilled immediately by the available counterparty. What you are doing, in this case, is taking off an entry from the order book and is called a taker. The taker fee in Zebpay is 0.25%. You are also said to be removing liquidity from the market as a taker.

What is Intraday in Zebpay?

In case your order entry and exit happens within the same day, you will be charged the trading fee for intraday. The intraday trading fee on Zebpay is low comparing with other crypto exchanges. All the calculations will be done on the UTC time zone and when you place an order, the taker and maker fee will be charged accordingly and end of the day your intraday fee will be waived off. The intraday trading fee on Zebpay is 0.10% only.


How to purchase crypto using Zebpay?

  • The first step to buy tokens via Zebpay is that you sign up with Zebpay and complete a quick and easy KYC online. Not at all a cumbersome task, it’s all digital, you just have to upload the photo of your identity documents and finally a selfie to complete your WazirX registration.
  • Do not forget to apply the Zebpay referral code while signing up to support us.
  • Once your Zebpay account setup is complete, you should also consider protecting your account with biometrics and a PIN on password login.
  • There is an industry-wide issue in India that banks are not collating with crypto exchanges to provide support for deposits. Hence you may face a temporary difficulty in depositing INR into zebpay. Be assured, these things are so common in crypto due to the uncertainties existing with the government.
  • On a normal day, you should see multiple deposit options such as bank deposits like NEFT, IMPS, instant quick deposits such as Net banking, UPI.


Zebpay Referral rewards for referring your friends

By referring your friends and family to Zebpay, you can earn referral rewards. Just follow these three simple steps. Simply log into the Zebpay app, go to referrals under my account tab and share your unique Zebpay Referral code.Remember you both will only receive your reward once that person has finished with the KYC process with your Zebpay referral code. So start referring and start earning with Zebpay referral program.

Zebpay advantages

My favorite thing about Zebpay is its simple UI and easy-to-use interface. Also, I remember I never had any issues with KYC, while I was facing trouble for completing KYC on other crypto apps.

Also, I found the app is quite comprehensive and well designed to meet your requirements of quick trading, notifications, instant withdrawals, analysis as well.

I also found the referral program to be rewarding and delightful. I love sharing my Zebpay referral code with my friends and recommend it to our audience.

How to receive Crypto using Zebpay?

Zebpay allows you to store send or receive crypto in seconds. Receiving crypto from someone with Zebpay is super easy, just click on the coin and click on the receive button. At the bottom, you will see a button to create a new receiving address, enter a name for that new address. Then you can scan the QR code or copy the link and share an email or messenger.You can also earn bonus crypto from Zebpay using the Zebpay referral code, share it with your friends and you both will get rewarded.

Benefits of trading with Zebpay referral code 2021

  • One of the most convenient features of Zebpay is the instant buy and sell option. With this feature, you can buy and sell a range of cryptocurrencies at the most competitive spot prices.
  • With Zebpay, you get guaranteed execution with minimum slippage. So when they prefer, Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, with Zebpay buy-sell feature, you get more crypto for your buck instantly. so let’s assume you want to buy Bitcoin, all you have to do is, click on instance, select by enter quantity amount, and click on buy.
  • Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of Bitcoin. similarly, if you sell Bitcoin, all you need to do is click on the instant, select sell and your quantity amount, and click on sell BTC instantly.


How to complete your KYC with Zebpay?

  • KYC or Know Your Customer is probably one of the most used terms in the financial world. Obviously, when it comes to financial matters it’s extremely important to know who you’re dealing with.
  • Right now one of the primary reasons why Zebpay was able to scale to a whopping 2 billion USD where the Fiat transactions were our emphasis on compliance and security.
  • Hence why the KYC process is very important.

While it may sound daunting. Let me assure you and Zebpay continue to make the KYC process super easy compared with other crypto exchanges.So let’s get your KYC verified first. Let’s get some basic details like your country of citizenship and your country of residence second upload your primary document which is your identity verification process.These include your passport national ID or other IDs alike and third you’re going to upload your secondary document which will be a verification of your address. This can include a big statement a utility bill or a driver’s license.

Completing Registration with Zebpay

To complete your Zebpay registration, some basic declarations like a source of funds and occupation and hit upload a selfie video with Zebpay video upload tool that will guide you through a two-step simple process you’re going to look left and look right and then they out loud the three digits on the bottom of the screen. One per tip to makesure your video gets verified on the first go. It’s ensured that you have great lighting when filming after the Zebpay team has received your documents they will review and process them within 24 working hours. Please make sure you sign up with our Zebpay referral code.

Please note that Cryptocurrency investments are subjected to market risk like any other investments. Please invest at your own risk and we will never be responsible for any profits or losses that you make via any crypto exchanges.

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