MyProtein Referral Code for Activewear worth ₹10k Free + ₹500 Credit

Referral code of My Protein

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Use our MyProtein referral code AMAL-R1F0 to sign up and get a chance to win a free MyProtein Activewear worth 10,000.

You can also sign up by clicking on this link right here. Get yourself ready for an extra 500 once you spend 4000 or more on your first order.

MyProtein Referral Code 

Looking for a new pair of activewear? Let me spill some secrets on how to get it for free. 

My Protein is hosting a refer-and-earn program where sharing your referral code will get you  500 credit once they use your MyProtein referral code to sign up. Once you successfully refer 3 friends and collect 1500, you’re eligible to claim your free Activewear worth 10,000. MyProtein, Europe’s Leading Nutrition & Activewear brand is your one-stop shop for every fitness supply be it pre-workout supplements, protein supplements, BCAAs and ECAAs, fit snacks, accessories, workout gear and so much more. Sign up using MyProtein referral code AMAL-R1F0 now to grab the unmatchable offer! 


Moreover, you get an additional 10% offer sitewide which will be levied at the time of checkout automatically. The website always offers discounts on several of their products; sign up and keep an eye out for the best deals they offer— all you need to do is sign up and be a member. The best part is you get it delivered to your doorstep for free! It’s truly the cherry on top!

Attributes Answers
MyProteinReferral code AMAL-R1F0
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits The reward of 500 credit to the referrer and referee. Win a free MyProtein Activewear worth 10,000 using 1500 accumulated credits. 
App MyProtein website
Cities Worldwide
Platforms Website


About MyProtein App

Myprotein is now a leading name among the sports nutrition brands in Europe. Founded in 2004, Myprotein has Created an identity of the most preferred brand in sports supplies and activewear. The brand has asserted its dominance in over 17 nations and plans to expand over time. My Protein aims to support building a community of nutritionally aware fitness enthusiasts through their omnichannel social media presence—promoting their fitness and recipe blogs. Their extensive range of products considers the specific needs of modern-day fitness enthusiasts and their dietary preferences.


They have vegetarian, vegan, low-sugar, low-fat, and gluten-free protein sources available on their website. Among these, the vegan protein concentrate is the most loved product across the globe. They now have product ranges with zero animal derivatives included as a result of them pushing the brand towards sustainability by prioritizing quality.

MyProtein recyclable and biodegradable materials for their packaging and maintains a ‘zero to landfill’ motto. They have replaced plastic packaging entirely just to uphold the message of turning eco-friendly. Keeping nutrition aside this brand has a vivid collection of scientifically designed activewear that you must check out on their website. The prices are kept reasonable with some heavy discounts on all products sitewide— all of this with uncompromised quality. 

MyProtein Referral Program

If you have already used My Protein products and loved them, here is your chance to spread the good word about the brand and earn rewards in return! You have to be a member first and share your unique referral code with your peers. To do this,

  1. Visit the website,
  2. Go to your Account 
  3. Tap Your Referrals
  4. You’ll get your unique code referral link which you can share via any social media messaging platform 

Once your friend registers using your Myprotein referral code, he gets a discount of ₹500 on his first purchase on an expenditure of ₹4,000 or more. For one successful referral, you get a ₹500 credited to your account which automatically gets applied as a discount for your next purchase. The more you successfully refer, the more credit you earn! So wait no more, start by registering with my MyProtein referral code AMAL-R1AN and earn  ₹500 credit as a joining bonus and free delivery.


You can also choose to cash out your first 3 successful referrals (= ₹1500) for active wear worth  ₹10000! We leave it to you to choose which deal to go for.

How to get started with MyProtein using the MyProtein  Referral Code?

Let’s guide you to get started on your fitness journey via MyProtein.

  1. Open the My Protein website or app.
  2. Go to Account
  3. Type in your name, email address, password, and referral code AMAL-R1AN (the referral code discount is auto-applied at checkout) and tap Continue.

Voila! You’re now a MyProtein member. Add products to your cart and avail the discounts now!

Note: sitewide discounts are levied at the cart and referral discounts are calculated during checkout.

FAQs about the MyProtein App

  1. What is the latest MyProtein referral code?

The latest  MyProtein referral code is AMAL-R1AN and is verified and tested for 2024.

  1. Does MyProtein deliver in India?

Yes, MyProtein is available for Indian masses, and apply my referral code  AMAL-R1AN to get free delivery on your first order.

  1. I can’t see my ₹500 discount option in the cart. What can I do?

This discount is levied at the checkout page. Please go ahead and try checking out. 

Note: The latest Myprotein coupons were updated on 29th January 2024.


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