Jupiter Offer Coupon Code for 💎800 + iPhone 14 on referral

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Jupiter Offer coupon code vhEjTP for referral on iPhone 14 Every Week and 300 to 500 Jewel Points.

Jupiter Offer Coupon code

Ever imagined that a day would come when you would be rewarded to use a card and make personal expenses? No, right? Jupiter rewards you for using DC or UPI and not just that you can earn ₹300 on your first debit card expenditure which has to be ₹1000 and above. The Invite and Earn feature allows you to invite your friend and once the invitee joins, and makes a debit of ₹1000 and above, you get 300 Jewel points and when they convert their account into a pro salary account, you get 500 Jewel points. 


Attributes Answers
Jupiter Offer coupon code vhEjTP
Eligibility One can benefit from referring up to 10 friends.
Referral benefits Win an iPhone 14 every week, and earn 300 to 500 points with each referral.
App Jupiter Money
Founding father Jitendra Gupta
Cities PAN India
Platforms Android, iOS, Web

Jupiter App Overview

With services like easy money tracking tools and no minimum balance savings account, Jupiter Money brings you a multipurpose finance app for easy and customized money management. It helps you keep track of monthly expenses as well as encourages you to hit your savings goal. You also get options to invest your money and become financially smart. Here, you pay zero Forex fee, no subliminal charges are applied for services, get regular reminders of your EMI payments, track multiple accounts and so much more that you will forget to keep a count of! One can even use their Jupiter UPI ID to make payments.

How often do we think about saving but end up doing otherwise? Jupiter makes it easier to save as it provides interest on savings, that too at a rate of your choice! You get a consistent 1% reward on Debit cards and UPI purchases.


When it comes to investments, you get no penalty SIPS, which means you save up to ₹750 as a penalty every time. Moreover, you can invest in direct mutual funds and earn extra. The app provides portfolio analysis to better track your wealth. By signing up for Jupiter, you gain better control over your payment cards and have access to features like On Demand salary! 

Jupiter Referral Program

Hurry Up now! Use our Jupiter offer coupon code q2wxv5zl or click on the link to directly sign up and take a step forward to become a smart spender. As you sign up with Jupiter, your savings account is activated under Federal Bank, which is an RBI-licensed institution, which means your money would be in safe hands. Try it and see for yourself. Consider using the Jupiter offer coupon code vhEjTP or follow the link to download the app and sign up. Other than that, by referring Jupiter to your friend you can get yourself a chance to win iPhone 14 every week! Don’t miss out on this chance, take your step toward making smart financial decisions now!

How to Use the Jupiter Referral Code

Let me tell you the easiest way to get an iPhone 14. Get a brand new iPhone 14 from Jupiter simply by referring to the Jupiter app to your friends. Win 300 to 500 Jewels once your friend makes a debit card payment of more than  ₹1000. Earning money has never been easier! Click here to register yourself for Jupiter Money or use the Jupiter referral code q2wxv5zl. 

  1. Follow the link and install the app or head onto the Playstore and download the Jupiter money app manually.
  2. Give the app permission to verify your mobile number by tapping on Allow.
  3. Enter your mobile number and tap on verify in order to enable the verification of your mobile number. The Jupiter money app will send an SMS from your phone to verify your number. It does not work on the conventional OTP system.
  4. After a successful verification process, tap ‘ I have an offer code’
  5. jupiter-coupon-code
  6. If you follow the given link, the Jupiter offer coupon code will already appear under entering Coupon Code. Otherwise, enter the Jupiter Referral Code vhEjTP and continue with that.
  7. Enter your PAN card number and get it verified followed by Aadhar card verification.
  8. After the E-KYC process, you need to upload a short video introduction of yourself as a part of the process.
  9. The process further requires you to enter certain personal details like email ID,  father’s and mother’s name, marital status, and so on.
  10. After checking the information hit the Continue button.
  11. To finish the process, create an MPIN and tap the Done button. 
  12. Now, wait for a while for the bank account to get activated.

FAQs about Jupiter offer code

  • How useful is the Jupiter account?

Considering the fact that Jupiter provides guaranteed cashback and money-tracking services, it is quite useful and perfect for millennials. You can manage your wealth as well as create wealth using the same app. There are several unique services like On Demand salary which can only be found here.

  • How many friends can I recommend to the Jupiter app?

You can refer the Jupiter app to as many of your friends as you want, but you can benefit from the first 10 referrals only.

  • How can I refer my friend to the Jupiter app?

In the Refer and Earn section of the app, there is a sharable referral link and Jupiter offer coupon code available which you can forward to your friends.

  • What is the Jupiter Referral code for 2023?

The working referral code of the Jupiter app is vhEjTP and you can post your own referral code in the comments section below.

  • Is the Jupiter offer coupon code and Jupiter referral code the same?

Yes, you can apply the referral code on the prompt asking for a Jupiter offer code.

Offer coupon codes last updated on – 20th January 2023

Affiliate Disclosure: We earn jewels on the Jupiter money app every time someone uses our Jupiter referral code to complete the signup process and upgrade to a salary account.


  1. While signing up it was asking me for an offer code and should i enter the referral code as coupon there? I’m confused how to refer my friends through a code, i can only find a link to refer friends

  2. Is this the coupon code for account opening of new users? Where can we see the new user benefits after opening the account in jupiter money app?


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