Flipkart Firedrops Invite Code for ₹5000 Cash Prize

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Flipkart Firedrops 2.0 is Live! Use the Flipkart Firedrops invite code 6vnp66 to earn rewards and offers from all your favorite brands on Flipkart. 

  • Follow the link to join the Firedrops waitlist.
  • Share your Flipkart Firedrops invite code and make your friends join the waitlist and get a chance to win a ₹5000 cash prize!

Flipkart Firedrops Invite  Code 

Let me introduce you to an offer you have never heard of before. Flipkart has recently launched its new futuristic reward program that will let you use some of the limited edition NFTs to claim certain special offers and rewards on the app. Use Firedrops invite code 6vnp66 or tap on the link above to join; you can also share your invite code with your friends to let them have access. Expect mystery boxes, Supercoins, Membership passes, Account coupons, personalized rewards, free products, VIP entry and so much more! 


Wait a minute! There’s more. Keep track of your successful invite and share a screenshot of it on the main quest Twitter thread of Flipkart to win a cash prize of ₹5000! The successful referral count can be found on the waitlist page. 

So, HURRY! The contest is LIVE and ends on the 21st of June 2023 at 7:00 PM. Expect the results to be announced by 22nd June 2023, 12 PM. Don’t waste time anymore; keep inviting.

Attributes Answers
Firedrops Invite code 6vnp66
Contest duration 16th June 2023 to 21st June 2023
Referral benefits Cash bonus of ₹5000, uncountable new offers, passes, free products and supercoins
App Flipkart
Cities PAN India
Platforms Android, iOS 

About Flipkart Firedrops 2.0

Flipkart to incorporate the successful blockchain technology of Polygon to make NFT popularised. This is such a clever move to launch NFTs in India and popularise it. Their collaboration has launched Flipkart’s brand new unique reward system, Flipkart Firedrops 2.0 which is not only just another reward program but with cutting-edge technology where you can even trade your reward if you like. You can unlock these rewards by using the limited edition NFTs. They took the flexibility of the reward system to another level. To stay relevant and provide the biggest possible rewards for the customers, Flipkart Firedrops 2.0 brings you a chance to buy-se ll, and trade rewards and all of it based on your engagement with the brands. This is going to be a never seen before reward system so keep an eye and keep sharing. Make a note that all of this is only valid for mobile apps;  also to take part you need to have a valid account on Twitter.

The wallet management part is enlisted under Vault, while the Pit section of the home screen will take you to all the latest drops for NFTs. 

Ladies, listen up. You can claim your own free pass to unlock special rewards,  no questions asked. 

How to participate in Firedrop 2.0?

First of all, it is necessary to have a valid Twitter account to take part in Firedrop 2.0. Also, you got to follow //twitter.com/0xfiredrops. You can only access Firedrops through your Flipkart app.


Follow these steps to take part in the contest.

  • Successfully refer new users by making them follow your Firedrops invite code 6vnp66 or directly tap on https://firedrops.flipkart.io/?invitecode=6vnp66 and hit the Waitlist.
  • Keep a screenshot of the total number of invites converted into successful referrals and share it.
  • Retweet this tweet by 0xfiredrops  ‘ Introducing FireDrops 2.0: Revolutionizing Rewards Programs in collaboration with @HangXYZ_ on @0xPolygon Join the waitlist at http://firedrops.flipkart.com

Let’s dive into the exciting insights behind FireDrops 2.0!’ 

…and you’re all set for the contest! The last entry will be accepted by 21st June 2023 at 7:00 PM. Winners will be declared on 22nd June 2023 at 12 PM.


  1. What is Flipkart Firedrops?

Flipkart offers you to get hold of some limited edition NFT collections that can help you earn special rewards and offers. Think of it like a VIP pass which can grant you special access or advantages.

  1. Is KYC necessary to take part in Flipkart Firedrops?

Yes, absolutely. You can only take part once your KYC has been cleared.

  1. Is Registration necessary to take part in Flipkart Firedrops?

Yes.  Once you register you will have access to your wallet which is essential to store, hold, and trade NFTs. Without which participation won’t be possible.

Note: Flipkart Firedrops invite codes were last updated on 17th June 2023.



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