Pi42 Referral Code for a 10% Flat Discount on Trading Fee

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It’s your time to fiddle with the market as Pi42 brings you India’s 1st Crypto-INR Derivative Trading opportunities: experience best-in-class risk management, fastest trading, and settlement experience with the Pi42 website. 

  • Apply the Pi42 Referral Code JFK693 during sign-up to get started or straight away follow the link to get a direct unhassled entry to get a cashback of FLAT 10% Fee Discount on your wallet.

Pi42 Referral Code 

Here’s your option to trade in INR with up to 20x leverage. Sounds too good to be true? No requirement for losing 30% on VDA Tax and 1% on TDS, because now you have Pi42. A futuristic trading platform featuring never-seen-before crypto-INR facilities. 

Oh wait, we have more in store. If your risk appetite is low, we got your back. To help you test the water and get started we bring you a FLAT 10% Fee Discount back in your wallet. 


A smooth sail is just what you need for a fine trading experience. Join Pi42 to make the most of the market. Now! 

Attributes Answers
Pi42 Referral code JFK693
Referral link https://pi42.com/referral?code=JFK693
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits FLAT 10% Fee Discount credited to your Wallet
Platform  Pi42
Founder Avinash Shekhar and Nischal Shetty
Cities Worldwide
Platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Linux

Let’s Get to Know Pi42

Finance analysts are noticing a growing trend of wealth-creating potential in cryptocurrency systems. Due to punitive taxation, there has been a decline in the market in the last 18 months. India’s share in global crypto trading volume declined from 0.57% to 0.03%. From January 2022 to October 2022 a constant 97% decline was noticed. 

The Pi42 founders still had faith in the power of crypto derivatives. So they decided to identify a few problem aspects like punitive taxation, volumes, and crypto withdrawals. And derived that, 

  • punitive taxation doesn’t apply to crypto derivatives.
  • crypto derivatives have 5-20x higher volumes.
  • crypto withdrawals when turned into fiat withdrawals it become more reliable for the banks.
  • INR futures are more solidified as a concept to laymen. 

The founders of Pi42 recognized that people must look beyond Crypto trading being a risk taker’s gain. Hence this platform tries to incorporate strategic thinking with genuine analytics and insights. A salient feature of trading Crypto-INR perpetual futures is the tax-saving aspect. 


People trying to optimize their income can leverage this tax efficiency and gain. 


  • Here traders are commodifying a financial derivative instead of a crypto option.
  • It does not come under direct cryptocurrency trades. This reduces your obligation to associated takes like TDS and VDA charges. 
  • Crypto-INR perpetual futures trading can help offset your losses against gains. 

In a word, Pi42 is determined to lead India’s crypto investment landscape with the fertile INR Futures. It ensures a platform for modern India that redefines crypto-led compliant financial freedom. 

So that you get the full benefit of Crypto trading without paying 1% TDS or Flat 30% Tax or maximizing Leverage up to 10-20x overcoming offset losses.

Note: future trading is not subjected to regulatory scrutiny like direct cryptocurrency trades.

What makes Pi42 Special?

  • Lag-free operation
  • Fastest possible trade
  • Instant transfer from a bank account
  • Razor-Thin Spreads— the minimum possible difference between the ask and bid prices.
  • To compete with the pace of volatile crypto markets Pi42 brings you the most advanced engine executing purchases of stocks in milliseconds. 
  • Efficient risk management and estimation tools to let you judge before you invest. 

Pi42 aims to educate you and add expertise to your trading execution. Start Trading Crypto Futures by:

  1. To create a registered account click on the link https://pi42.com/referral?code=JFK693
  2. Adding funds,
  3. Adding a bank account to avail of instant transfer facilities,
  4. Enjoy trading!

How to earn using the Pi42 Refer and Earn Program?

When you share your referral code with your peers, and they use your Pi42 Referral Code or referral link, you earn 20% of their trading fee for an unlimited timeframe. Similarly, they get 10% off on the Trading Fee once they use your referral code to join the platform. 


So use my Referral Code JFK693 while signing up to get a flat 10% discount on trading fees.


  • What is the latest Pi42 referral code?

The latest Pi42  referral code is JFK693.

  • What are the rewards associated with the Pi42 referral code?

You get a flat 10% Discount on the Trading Fee; if you refer your friends successfully, you get 20% of the trading fee they are paying.


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