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OKX referral code for 2024

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  • OKX Referral code COIN100 and get a mystery box that can win up to $10,000 and a copy trading loss protection voucher of $20 in 2024.
  • OKX is the most-rated crypto exchange with the best user interface and experience. Recently they have rebranded to OKX from Okex.

Download OKX, the most-rated Crypto exchange with UPI, IMPS

New to OKX? Join with referral code COIN100 or from the link above and get an exclusive new user bonus of up to $10,000. Check out the very detailed review of the OKX exchange below and understand everything that you should keep in mind before signing up. New financial year, new updates coupons for 2024.

OKX Referral code

The OKX referral code for the new user bonus benefits in 2024 is COIN100. OKX is one of the World’s most-rated crypto exchanges and they have expanded to multiple countries including India, Malta, and Seychelles. OKX was founded in 2017 by Jay Hao. According to the reports in 2018, OKX is the world’s most used Crypto exchange and you will understand the simplicity of the user interface and experience once you start trading with a referral code.



Exchange Codes
OKX referral code COIN100
Eligibility New users only
Signup bonus Up to $10,00 bonus + Copy trading loss protection voucher of $20
Expires on 30-12-2024
Exchange OKX ( previously OKEx )
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, App, Mobile
KYC Required? e-KYC
Country Worldwide
Parent company OKX
Referral income Yes

How do I use the OKX referral code?

Join OKX by entering the OKX referral code COIN100. A lot of new campaigns are live apart from the new user mystery box offer.

In this post, we will have an overview of how to use OKX, again this is for beginners out there. So people that haven’t used an exchange yet this is the video for you. And at a later date, I will be sharing a more in-depth tutorial guide as to what every button means all that sort of stuff. So stay tuned for that content later. But today we are going to be starting by looking at the home screen here. Now I already am logged into my account at referral code, so go ahead and either create an account or log in to your account.


And once you have done so go ahead and get yourself on this screen so once you’re on screen. As you can see up here we do have a handful of different news going on with OKx. This is where you will see all of the announcements of the sort of events going on with the OKX referral code. They will be right up here right down here we do have different price indexes for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Neos. We have all the new tokens listed down here.

I do like that OKex lists their new tokens on the front of the page just to show everyone that they are keeping up to date with projects and they are consistently listing new cryptocurrencies out there. It is great to see that they list new cryptocurrencies quite often because it can get old when you are looking for a cryptocurrency that you’re really raving to get and can’t get on a reputable exchange.


But of course, the OKX referral code is a reputable exchange and they do consistently list new projects right down here. They do offer custom customer-to-customer trading spot and margin trading futures contract trading and perpetual swaps. Right down here you can download their different clients with that’s iOS, Android Mac, or Windows. And over here this is where you can find very valuable information involving the company there’s social media, customer support, about them all that sort of stuff.


So coming back up to the top here we are going to be starting from the right and going to the left, right up here at the right, you can change between different languages.

  • So if you don’t speak English you can change to Espanol, Japanese, Chinese, etc.
  • Right here they do have a notifications tab this is where they list all their different announcements.
  • So whenever you log into your account, you can just hover over this and get a quick overview of what has been updated, what has been added what has been changed to OKX.
  • Right here you can also, get a QR code or download the clients directly it is a good idea to download the clients. So you know that you are going on to the correct OKX code exchange.
  • There are a lot of phishing exchanges out there and OKX just wants to make sure that you’re coming to the proper exchange so you don’t risk getting your account hacked or stolen.
  • Right here they do have their social media listed as the direct link to all of their social media under the person and the drop-down arrow.

We do have very valuable information under the profile settings tab, this is where you can review your email your passwords, your account security, your OKX referral code all that good stuff, KYC verification, and fee schedule.


This is where you can see your current fee rates for your account between different markets’ API information support tabs. if you have any questions that is where you want to go and of course, log out to your account.

Make sure you always log out of your account every time you are done using the referral code and never just walk away from your computer or your mobile device with your exchange account open under the assets tab.

This is where all of your money is going to be moving and grooving under the assets tab we have my assets, deposit, withdraw, transfer, savings, customer to customer, spot, futures, perpetual swaps, and mining. if we go ahead and click on my assets an overview of what is going on under this tab we could see my total net value which is my total value on this account amongst all of these different trading accounts.

It currently points zero three for Bitcoin my funding account is a little bit lower than this because I did transfer $100 to my spot in the margin trading account. As you can see right here we transferred 100 USDT over to that account and as you guys can see here this is where your deposit and withdrawal are.

So if you are new to the OKX referral code you can click on this button or this button and it will bring you to the deposit page as you can see. I do have a history here of when I deposited 300 USDT the date I did so and the address it came from.


Right up here we have the different tokens we could choose in between so if I didn’t want to deposit Bitcoin, I will click on Bitcoin I get my address and I also get a QR code here and I can deposit Bitcoin onto this count going to the withdraw from OKX tab as you guys can see they do give you four different steps you need to complete before you can withdraw from your account verification setup SMS or Google Authenticator.

  • I personally recommend using Google Authenticator along with the OKX referral code because SIM swapping is still a trend in the cryptocurrency space. And the last thing you want is to be sim swapped and lose your account and your cryptocurrencies.
  • But also Google Authenticator does have its cons because if you do lose your phone, you do have to go through support because you cannot access your Google Authenticator.

If you don’t have your phone so pros and cons to that but I am I personally would prefer Google Authenticator over SMS any day binding email connects your email and sets up funds, and passwords as well. So you will set up a direct password to your you’re your funding account which is your wallet in order to withdraw from your account you do need to enter that password every single time under the referral code of the OKX transfers tab.

OKX referral code Overview

You can transfer between different trading accounts in OKX. Right here with the OKX referral code, I am currently if I go over to USDT because that’s what I have on this account. And my funding account I can transfer funds from my funding account to any other account right here. So for example if I did want to transfer to my spot account I could transfer 10 USDT for the sake of this post-confirmation and it was a success as you can see, I did just transfer 10 USDT and also a hundred not too long ago as well. So coming right down here under trading accounts this is where you can view your values for each and every trading account.

And other accounts as well do offer savings and they also offer to mine and staking on the referral code. So coming over to the markets tab, under the markets tab actually going to this three-line these three lines right here this is where you can look over all the other products that OKX offers. They offer node prime investors they have a referral program their own mobile wallet and pooling as well.


So if you do want to dive into any of their other products go ahead and go to this tab and it’ll navigate you to a different URL under the markets tab as you can see on the screen, we do have spot features and perpetual swaps in OKX referral.

Index and favorites we can just navigate through all of the different cryptocurrencies the price movements 24-hour volume all that good stuff and you can also go directly to the charts trading and full screen.

So if you do see a cryptocurrency you’re interested in and you are under the spot and you want to go to the spot market you can simply go ahead and click on the trade button and it will bring it for you right there.

Key Opinion Leaders of OKX (KOL)

The top affiliates of the OKX will be contacted by the OKX team and are onboarded as the Key Opinion Leaders(KOL) who always have priority support through a WhatsApp group, increased bonus commissions on referring new users, and achieving target milestones on trade volumes. Also invites and access to exclusive crypto conferences, goodies from the OKX team, and other surprise gifts.

Referral Competitions in the OKX App

Often they organize referral competitions to win from a large pool of $50,0000 USDT and you can get a share of the big pool if you happen to meet the criteria of eligible referral signups that complete their first trade. You also need to maintain the minimum required signups and trade volumes every month to be an affiliate with them. Also, you receive a scratch card with a promised reward whenever a referral completes a successful trade or you call them back after a few months.

OKX App P2P Payments Overview

So coming to the customer-to-customer tab, this is a really cool feature that not a lot of exchanges offer this is a way to buy different cryptocurrencies and sell different cryptocurrencies directly to another customer. So, for example, we are in the buy section right now as you can see we are attempting to buy big and these are all different customers selling Bitcoin at their own given price.

So you get to choose your own price you wish to sell at the amount you are trying to sell and the amount that the individual can purchase as of right now you can also purchase with a leap a. WeChat and debit and bank your bank account these are your three options to purchase directly from another customer in OKX referral code.

So this is sort of just a way of purchasing directly with another customer instead of going through a platform for example Coinbase, wazirx something like that. This is a phenomenal option to consider using as you can see here this individual is allowing you to purchase with all three different payment methods and then of course, if we want to sell these are all the people who are attempting to purchase Bitcoin and we could sell our Bitcoin to that individual. So this is a really cool feature of the referral code that is not offered in many other places.

So definitely check it out if you want to have an easy on-ramp onto this exchange and into the cryptocurrency space next up under the spots tab we have spot trading and margin trading under the spot trading tab as you guys can see is your traditional exchange. You have all the different cryptocurrencies on the OKX app and all the different pairings and the percentages you have trading activities whether you have open orders or your account history up here you have the different markets you have the USDT market the OKX referral code which is their own cryptocurrency and the Bitcoin market as well so right here they do have a little moon this allows you to go into night-night mode.


Right here with the referral code, we can go fullscreen if we wish to do so as well and this gives us a little better overview of what’s going on with the market we could also add different indicators, different time frames all that sort of stuff you have the depth ratio chart right here. You have the sell orders and the buy orders in the middle of the current price. Right here in the middle right down here, we are currently on the light coin to the Bitcoin market. You can either start as an affiliate of OKX if you meet the threshold trade volume from your referrals or consider continuing as an only referral. Both affiliates and referrals are based on the same OKX referral code.

So I’m trying to buy light coins right now I could do that with the limit advanced limit, market stop-limit. I will be of course going into detail on all these in my advanced tutorial post and my more in-depth tutorial post so stay tuned for that post.

And you can purchase light coins right here they do give you a dollar-a-dollar value which I really do appreciate and they also do have this bar right here where you can just two 25 50, 75, or 100 percent of your current funds. We are in the light coin of the Bitcoin market.

Trading and investment on the OKX App with OKX referral code

So I don’t have any Bitcoin on this account but if we do go to the USD T market and we go to Bitcoin, it will allow me to move this cursor as you’ve seen now so if I do want to. I currently have hundred and ten USD on my spot market trading account so I could purchase up to a hundred ten USDT on this account that’s the current price.

I’m purchasing with the limit order and that’s the current amount of Bitcoin I would receive. So if I wanted to purchase would do 25 percent and I pressed by as you can see I got a little success up there. I do not have a pending order I’m assuming that means my order went through automatically.

  • So no pending order and under the passed orders as you can see I have my order right here and my status is that it was filled. So I did just receive my Bitcoin. I just received .0031 Bitcoin from that purchase and the same applies to the sale.
  • If I do want to sell 100% of the Bitcoin I just purchased which is currently 27.4 USD. I could do 100 percent and sell at a limited price.
  • I just got the success if I go over to pending orders on the OKX app referral code, it is currently pending. Still, the order is attempting to be filled and then it also shows a filled ratio. So if it’s partially filled this percentage would change and then it will go over to the past orders later on once it is complete.

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Over here this is just all of the transactions, this is not too beneficial to most traders. So what are you waiting for? sign up today with the Okx code.

I mean if you’re a day trader it could be beneficial just to see who’s buying or selling more frequently but in the grand scheme that’s not too beneficial. They also offer margin trading on this exchange as well let’s go back over to the more generic exchange. Right here as you guys can see we went to full screen, that’s what brought us to all the fun features that we just saw.

But right here, this is a more beginner-friendly user experience so you can use this exchange there it’s nothing different compared to the one we were just looking at when it comes to buying and selling. But as you guys can see my pending order on the Okex app is still here and my past order is not there because we are on a different market we are on like coin a Bitcoin right now.

Margin, leverage in OKX referral code

So if we do go back up here and we go to margin trading you can go into the margin trading which is a little bit different. We’re not going to be going into too much detail. But they do offer 5x margin trading as well and then if we go to derivatives we have perpetual swaps and futures.

So, let’s start with features as you can see the futures exchange is relatively the same as well we do have a couple more buttons up here as you can see the margin mode is fixed across we have the long leverage mode where you can adjust our leverage all the way to a 100 X and we have the short leverage mode where we can adjust to 100 X as well.


So futures trading does offer a handful of different features compared to just purchasing a cryptocurrency directly and then we could also go to the fullscreen chart which again would bring us to the chart with a little more information and as you can see we can open a short open along and of course close a short and close along as well.

Frequently asked questions about the OKX referral program

  • How can I earn crypto through the OkX referral program?

Answer: The quick and easiest method would be to,

  • Buy crypto: you’ll both receive $10 in free BTC when your referral completes their first crypto purchase of $100 or more via Buy/Sell with your unique referral code.
  • Deposit crypto: you’ll get a 10 USDT rebate card when your referral passes the photo verification and makes a deposit of $100 in crypto.
  • Trade: you’ll get a 10 USDT rebate card after your referral completes the trading task.

How do I see my referral performance on the OKX App?

Answer: You need to log in from a web browser to see your referral status and performance on OKX. The OKX affiliate program is different and is also working with the same referral code.

  • What is the limit on the referral income with the OKX referral code?

Answer: You can earn up to 10 times $10 for your first 10 referrals on OKX. Then they have rubrics ready for the percentage of trading fee sharing, which is 30% of the trading fee from the person you referred.

  • When can I see the earnings of my referred person’s trading?

Answer: You will be promoted to OKX affiliate once you complete 10 referrals. And then you will see the updates every day on your referral dashboard at 18:00.

  • What is the validity of the OKX referral code?

Answer: The referral code COIN100 is valid till December 2024.

  • How do I find my OKX referral code?

Answer: Your referral code can be found from the referral tab and you will have to refer at least 10 friends who successfully complete their first deposit and transaction to be an affiliate.

  • How to claim a referral in OKX?

Answer: To claim the referral mystery box, you have to complete your first deposit and trade through the invite code.

  • What is the referral code for new users?

Answer: COIN100 is the new user referral code of OKX.

  • How to become an affiliate of the OKX exchange?

Answer: To become an affiliate, you should refer a minimum of 10 people who complete their first trade using your code. There are multiple levels of affiliate depending on the trade volume, traded friends, and new referrals for spot and derivatives trading. So, you can earn between 30-50% based on the factors mentioned above.

  • What currency will the referral income be credited to with the OKX referral code?

Answer: The referral earnings for the affiliate will be credited in USD.

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  1. Okx now restarted their referral program, Till last week I was not getting any referral earnings, but I’m happy that I got more than $7 in last one week just as referral income. I would say this is a genuine referral program and I’m hoping for a crypto bull market soon so that I can earn well from referral

  2. i recommend this referral code because I got a mystery box which unlocked me some free OKB coins worth Rs 245. Thanks for sharing the mystery referral bonus with me.

  3. What is the right strategy to follow in 2023 using okx perpetual? I dont see much fluctuations in this year compared with 2022


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