SocialGood Invitation Code for earning $20 per new user SG

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Use the Socialgood invitation code X6UZJS for joining the crypto cashback platform and start your rewarding journey of online shopping.

After the GoSats app for earning crypto rewards on all your online shopping, we present SocialGood, another global application in android and iOS to receive better real cash. You can shop from over 20,000+ partner websites around the world and get the crypto in SG tokens. The SG token is expected to be listed in major exchanges very soon and may be easy to cash out, trade, or invest for a longer term.

SocialGood invitation Code

The crypto cashback concept is gaining momentum because the tokens might skyrocket any time of the day and it might create new millionaires overnight. This app is trusted by 2.3 million users over the world and SocialGood aims to reach 500 million users in the next couple of years.

App Codes
💳 Socialgood Invitation code X6UZJS
📜 Eligibility Exclusive for new signups
🪙 Referral earnings $20 on new user referral
🕑 Expires on 31-12-2023
🖥️ App Socialgood
📱 Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mobile
🤵🏻‍♂️ KYC Required? Not required
🌐 Country Japan
🌍 Parent company Socialgood Inc
♧ Referral bonus benefits No signup bonus now, Refer and earn 50% CB on trading fees


How does SocialGood works?

You can get cash back from a few percentages to up to a hundred percent cash back on your shopping on your online shopping. You have to shop through the Social Good app and you will receive crypto rewards in their native token, but you can withdraw that token and swap it for USDT or BTC. Depending on the amount of your order value, you get the cashback amount. Usually, it’s 1-5% for electronic items and 5-10% for apparel and clothing products. If you find this idea cool and exciting, consider joining Social good through the link above or with the Social good invitation code to claim your exclusive bonus.

In addition to the cashback that you can earn through shopping online, you can also earn by referring your friends to the app and earn a bonus of $20 per successful referral who completes the first transaction through your social good invitation code. They also have a browser extension that can make your shopping journey easier than always logging in and clicking it.

When can you withdraw the cashback from Social Good?

You do have to wait a while before you can actually withdraw your tokens from this app, so this app is not good for getting money back quickly. However it’s cashback from your online shopping and it’s the money that is like a bonus, not a big deal if waited for a long time too. To be eligible for the cashback, you need to be shopping through them and like any other e-commerce cashback website, it will track and add it to your wallet. 


It might take slightly longer for you to redeem your rewards from the app to your own bank account because the token might have a lock-in period that will make you wait for a longer period.

How to signup for the Socialgood app?

There is a web version as well as a mobile version for Social good, we will only discuss the mobile version here and in case you don’t have a smartphone, you can head over to the web version.

  • Download the app through the referral link or directly from the Play Store so that you can apply the Gosats invitation code during the registration process.
  • Apply the Socialgood invitation code X6UZJS when you are on the page for entering it to claim your bonus.
  • You have to complete watching a video on how the app works to proceed to complete the registration. You cannot skip or fast-forward that video on how it works.
  • You can see your rewards on the top right corner of the screen and new transactions get added there when it’s successfully tracked.
  • To make a transaction through Socialgood, click on the merchant of your choice and proceed to shop as usual, and wait for the merchant to approve it. It might take about 2-3 months for the approval process since the merchants would need to ensure that there is no refund or cancellations for the order.
  • You will not get the cashback in case you are cancelling the order and receiving a refund for the order.
  • There is no fixed cashback percentage for all the websites, the cashback value depends on the website to website, your order value, and the type of product.

FAQ about the app

  1. Which currency can I get the cashback from Socialgood?

Answer: You can receive the cashback in their native currency SG, which is Social Good.


2. How does the social good app offers cashback to me? What is their business model?

Answer: Since the transaction was driven by the social good app, they get a certain percentage of the transaction since they are affiliated with those stores. The cashback idea has been there for a decade now and CashKaro and Ebates were the major players in the industry. Similar to them, they pass about 75% of the cashback to the customers and take the 25% as their profit.

3. Is the business model legit and cashback genuine?

Answer: The money is not created out of thin air, it’s a certain percentage of the order value that you paid to the merchant which is coming back to you as cashback. This model of business existed for a longer time everywhere and it’s legit. But it’s too early days for us to comment about the SG tokens, we cannot make a statement about it and you can proceed with it at your own risk.

4. How can I find my referral code for the Social good app?

Answer: Your Socialgood invitation code can be found inside your app after logging in or you can also find it in the email that you received upon signing up it contains a link to activate your invitation code and participate in the referral program.

Disclaimer: The post contains referral links or affiliate links and we get paid from the merchants since you signed up through your own code. All cryptocurrency trades or transactions are subjected to high volatility risks and liquidation risks, please proceed at your own risk since we don’t verify any of the tokens by ourselves or investigate any exchange in detail.

Coupons last updated on: 25th February 2023


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