Vietjet Referral Code for Vietjet Air 🟡 500 bonus on signup

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Receive instant 500 Skypoints on registering yourself for Vietjet SkyJoy using Vietjet Air Referral code SJ2619136165.

Vietjet Air Referral Code

Planning your next international trip? Let the budget not hold you back from exploring the beautiful country! We have the perfect solution for the best deals for the cheapest round trips. So hold your horses, Let me introduce you to the best deals in flight tickets via the Skyjoy app. 


Use the latest Vietjet Air Referral code SJ2619136165 to sign up and win 500 Skypoints at once! Every Monday and Tuesday, redeem these points to win vouchers from the top 250+ brands of Vietnam to direct discounts on Vietjet tickets, you name it! The Vietjet referral code for signing up can be used once only for a particular individual. Download the app from Playstore directly. This is an innovative approach by Vietjet Airlines to inspire the country’s people to move more and attract foreign tourists to discover the lush culturally rich country.

Attributes Answers
Vietjet Referral code SJ2619136165
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits 500 instant Skypoints, redeemable as ticket discounts or discount coupons for 250+top Viet brands
App SkyJoy
CEO Dr. Dinh Viet Phuong
Cities Worldwide
Platforms Android, iOS, Web


Vietjet SkyJoy keeps adding special benefits that are not offered by any other airline reward programs in order to deliver unparalleled experiences to guests all around the world. Vietjet SkyJoy keeps adding special benefits that are not offered by any other airline’s reward programs to deliver an unparalleled experience to guests. 

About Vietjet

Vietjet Airlines was first established back in 2007 and has been serving in its full glory since 2011. Both domestic and international flights are operational; Vietjet offers economy and premium economy class to the guests and mostly deals with Airbus A320 series aircraft. The Hanoi-based airlines connect Vietnam with various Asian countries including the ones located in the Southeastern, northeastern, as well as southern regions. Vietjet Air is mostly known for its flashy yet inviting marketing campaigns which have been pretty much a hit among passengers.


Apart from unconventional attention-grabbing services, they provide some heavy discounts every now and then making them one of the most affordable airlines to choose from. Their idea is to keep the budget as short as possible to attract as many passengers as possible and hence it is a depth in attracting enthusiastic passengers from all over the world. You will always find promotional offers and special sales on their website making it widely sought after. We will discuss the current campaign now.

About Vietjet SkyJoy Frequent Flyer Program

The idea of Vietjet SkyJoy is to promote a lifestyle that includes frequent traveling; the loyalty program has turned into a globally acknowledged top loyalty reward platform. The GalaxyJoy Joint-Stock Company administers the Vietjet SkyJoy Frequent Flyer Programme. These loyalty points can be accumulated or turned into discounts for your Vietjet Air tickets every Monday and Tuesday or can be instantly redeemable as discount coupons. Vietjet Air has collaborated with 250+ top in-house brands to give you the best deals! Every 10,000 VND you spend at Vietjet entitles you to one SkyPoint point. So become a member and keep collecting points! 


For every Vietjet flight taken from 24/12/2022, on every online and offline purchase, you are entitled to guaranteed Skypoints which you can later redeem as vouchers. Sign up using the Skyjoy referral code and be a member to land 3x offers. You get to redeem these offers every Monday and Tuesday of the week. Grab the vouchers now!

To redeem the points, first, make sure your account is verified by uploading your ID Card and passport. Then, 

  1. Open the SkyJoy app and tap the ‘Redemption’ section from the bottom bar.
  2. Tap on the coupon you wish to use, then click Redeem.

Important: If not enough points are available to you to redeem, you can always choose to pay some extra cash to buy the added SkyPoints required for a purchase.

How to be a member of Vietjet Skyjoy using the Referral code?

To be a member of the Vietjet Skyjoy frequent flyer program and gain 3x discounts, follow these few steps to sign up. Use the app link to get an instant 500 Skypoints!

  1. Follow the link and download and install the app.
  2. Open and tap Explore now
  3. Your phone number, and tap Continue
  4. Now fill in your details, including your name and date of birth; followed by my Vietjet Referral code SJ2619136165
  5. Finished the process by tapping on Complete.
  6. Now an OTP verification will take place. 
  7. Now set a 6-digit pin code and confirm. 

Voila! 500 Skypoints are added as well and your new membership has been approved! 


  1. Is business class available for Vietjet Air flights?

Vietjet Air only has economy and premium economy classes for now.

  1. What is the latest Vietjet Air Referral code Skyjoy app?

The latest Vietjet Referral code is SJ2619136165.

  1. Do I need to get my Vietjet Skyjoy account verified to redeem Skypoints?

Getting your Vietjet Skyjoy account verified is absolutely essential for redeeming your skypoints.


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