Krypto referral code crypto bonus 0.02BTC on KYC

Krypto Referral Code

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  • Join the Krypto app with the referral code GXH1OB to get a scratch card with an assured signup bonus.
  • The new user referral bonus will be applied only when you complete your KYC verification.

Krypto Referral Code

The Krypto App is the most user-friendly and pleasing crypto trading application that I have ever used. The material design of their application is so elegant and beautiful. You can copy the latest referral code from here and redeem your new user bonus with our referral code.

Exchange Codes
Krypto referral code GXH1OB
Eligibility New users only
Signup bonus Scratch card + Assured bonus on Crypto
Expires on 31-12-2023
Exchange Krypto
Platforms Android, iOS
KYC Required? Digital KYC
Country India
Parent company Inventphile Ventures Pvt Ltd
Referral Earnings Yes


Why should you use Krypto App for trading Crypto?

Are you on your first time buying bitcoins or crypto, or are you a professional trader? Do you wish to send or pay cryptocurrency requests to anyone around the worldKrypto allows you to deposit and withdraw as little as 100 rupees instantly or by bank transfer. You can also send cryptocurrency to friends around the world for free. Krypto’s advanced payment architecture allows you to pay in cryptocurrency in any Indian shop instantly and securely.


With Krypto’s sophisticated payment architecture, you can now pay with cryptocurrencies in almost any shop in India instantly and securely with a single click so what are you waiting for download crypto now and get free cryptocurrencies for signing up trading paying, and also using the app daily.

How to withdraw your referral earnings from Krypto App?

I will explain to you how to withdraw your earnings to your bank account from the Krypto wallet. You can withdraw instantly from the Krypto app whether the earnings come from referrals or the profit of your trading and investments. Follow the steps below and understand how to withdraw your earnings.

  • First of all click on the profile go to your bank account and check if all of your details are correct once you check it after that go back and go click the repeat icon and click on withdraw.
  • So this is where all of your histories show up deposit and withdrawal history. Now you can click on withdraw and there are two methods fast and normal. Fast would let you do it within 1 to 30 minutes to the UPI address that you entered in the settings when you signed up.
  • krypto-app
  • Normal would use your bank account details like your account number and IFSC code to initiate direct transfer it using your bank account. Let’s do the fast way first, let’s click on fast and the bank fee is b6 and the minimum withdrawal is 100.
  • You can withdraw your earnings from the app referral code and Krypto trading earnings.
  • So let’s try it and withdraw 94. so since I’ve been able to factor authentication for me for best security I’ll have to open my google authenticator app and enter the OTP all right it’s already copied now. I just need to enter it to confirm withdrawal the connection is starting and it’s successful.
  • Now let’s go and see how to use the normal withdrawal feature. Just follow the same steps until you come to choose a withdrawal method.
  • Click on normal and enter the amount so choose the minimum amount that is ₹500 for this method. So I’ll just go with ₹500 now.
  • referral-code
  • Open the Google Authenticator app because security is super important and I recommend you all to use the authenticator app because if someone gets access to your phone or you lose your phone. Then you can deactivate the setup key over there and no one will be able to access your wallet money.
  • So confirm withdrawal and the withdrawal is now processed it’ll take at least a week to get it done completely so keep checking your bank status all right.
  • Feel free to comment if you have any doubts about withdrawal from Krypto App, I will be happy to address your questions.

How to Signup up for the Krypto App Referral Code bonus?

  • Download the Krypto App from the Play store or the App store and please note that the Krypto app does not allow trading on signing up on the web. You need a mobile device to complete your registration process.
  • The Krypto referral code can be wither applied during the registration or after signup also you can click on my account tab to redeem the referral code.
  • Click on the register as a new user once you download the app and please note that the Krypto referral code won’t be asked while signing up and you still have the opportunity to enter the code after you complete the KYC.
  • The next page will ask you for your email id and a strong password twice and you don’t have to enter the referral code until you complete your signup process.
  • Proceed to the next step and it’s highly recommended to choose a security method such as Google authenticator so that you can secure your investments on Krypto App.
  • Once you complete all the steps above, click on complete KYC you need the Aadhar card/ passport and PAN card to complete your KYC online. The KYC completion process can take up to 48 working hours.
  • Now is the time to apply the Krypto referral code, click on the menu bar on the top left click on Redeem Referral code, and enter the referral code GXH1OB.
  • Now you can see two scratch cards in your rewards section. Feel free to scratch the reward and redeem your assured rewards in crypto coins and you can also receive a referral bonus of up to 0.02 BTC.

Final conclusion about Krypto App

To be concluded, the Krypto app is one of the most simple, user-friendly, and elegant apps to consider trading and investing in crypto. The app is trusted and has a team with strong technical knowledge of blockchain behind and we hope to have a wonderful trading experience with the Krypto app referral code soon.

The Krypto referral code was last updated on 30th January 2023


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