Sid’s Farm Referral Code for ₹250 new users Reward

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Use the Sid’s Farm referral code AIIAIH while signing up and get the best deals on guilt-free dairy products.

  • You can visit the link directly to sign up using my referral code and earn ₹250 with every successful referral. 

Sid’s Farm Referral Code

Are you worried about where to get farm-fresh, unadulterated dairy products from? Your search ends here. Sid’s Farm brings you dairy products full of nutrients and essential minerals important for replenishing your bodily functions. Sign up using my Sid’s Farm referral code AIIAIH or directly visit the site from here to grab the best deals! You can refer a friend (who is new to the product) and earn ₹250 with every successful referral. The referral code is applicable for one-time use only. 


Important: Milk delivery takes place every day from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 A.M. along with free delivery! There is no minimum order value for getting your order delivered to your doorstep. 

Attributes Answers
Sid’s farm Referral code AIIAIH
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits Cash bonus of ₹250 for every successful referral
App Sid’s Farm
Founding father Kishore Indukuri
Cities Every major city in India
Platforms Android, iOS, Web

About Sid’s Farm

Sid’s Farm was founded back in 2013 with the goal to provide pure and unadulterated (free from antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals) dairy products to every Indian household. We know that milk and milk products are an essential part of an Indian’s diet and especially that of kids. So to carry forward the best practices of dairy farming and create new standards for the industry, Sid’s Farm brings you affordable cow and buffalo milk (both single and double-toned, skim) and milk products like butter, ghee, curd, paneer, buttermilk, and lassi.

It ensures that the livestock involved aren’t injected with antibiotics and hormones above the limit set by the FSSAI. Every batch of milk they receive from the cattle rearers is tested thoroughly. The samples undergo 45 tests, including alcohol stability-60%, 70%, and 80%, Fat and SNF test, Methylene Blue Dye Reduction Test, and clot on boiling test. Sid’s Farm’s farm-to-home strategy makes sure your meal is not missing out on its nutritional value by reaching out to your doorstep to deliver. You can find multiple offers which makes it economically convenient for you.


Moreover, you will almost always find some exciting offers going on on the website or app. To ensure an uninterrupted delivery service, we recommend you opt for subscriptions. You can pause the subscription at any time depending on your requirements. For every product, You are given two options; you can Add the product for a one-time buy, or you can make a subscription. Subscriptions are available for every day or for every alternate day. 

It works in 3 steps. To start ordering, first, confirm your delivery address. Then recharge your wallet to place your order.

Phases Practices
Sourcing The milk that you are consuming is being sourced from local cooperative farmers. Sid’s Farm holds itself responsible to look after the health of the livestock as well as the quality of the milk produced.

To further encourage healthy practices of dairy production, Sid’s Farm incentivizes dairy farmers who adhere to the healthiest practices.

Logistics  Insulated tankers are used to ship raw milk to keep the freshness intact. 
Processing  Before it undergoes pasteurization, it goes through 45 types of tests to ensure the purest quality that the brand promises.
Door-to-door delivery The delivery takes place in insulated vehicles to ensure the quality of the milk is retained in the process. Sid’s Farm has partnered with 250+ delivery partners to deliver on time. 


Sid’s Farm Referral Program

For each member you successfully invite using your Sid’s Farm referral link, you earn ₹250. The simple criteria is that your friend has to sign up using your Sid’s Farm Referral Code. There is an additional criterion where the individual you have referred the app to has to place at least 30 orders (one order per day) in order for you to claim the reward money. Once the quota of 30 orders is completed, both you and your referral candidate can find the amount credited to the Sid’s Farm wallet. 

In this case, if you use my Sid’s Farm referral code AIIAIH you and I both qualify for a ₹250 reward. It’s a win-win for both of us so go ahead and give it a try!

How to get started with Sid’s Farm using my Sid’s Farm  Referral Code?

Follow these steps to register for Sid’s Farm using my referral code.


  1. Download the Sid’s Farm app and tap Sign Up.
  2. Enter your mobile number and put my Sid’s Farm referral code AIIAIH under the referral code. An OTP for account verification will be sent which will be automatically entered and verified.
  3. Now enter your name, email address, city, pin code, and Residency type.
  4. Now tap Next.
  5. Enter your full address including house number, house name, floor number, Street, or Colony along with your landmark.
  6. Tap Next.

Now you have successfully Signed up for the Sid’s Farm app. You can also directly tap on my referral link,  go to the account section, and register if you are a new user.


  1. What is the latest Sid’s Farm referral code?

The latest Sid’s Farm referral code is IIAGE.

2. Does Sid’s Farm deliver in Bangalore?

Yes, Sid’s Farm delivers in Bangalore.

3. What is Sid’s Farm A2 milk?

Casein, one of the important types of protein in milk, comes in two types: A1 and A2. The only apparent difference between A1 and A2 milk is the presence of one distinctive amino acid. A2 milk was an epicenter of focus as a lot of hype was created, thanks to modern-day marketing initiatives. However, recent studies have shown that there is no significant difference in the lactose content of both A1 and A2 milk, shutting every brewing myth about A2 being diabetes-friendly.



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