HappyEasyGo Referral Scam | Fake Referral Program Fraud Company

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HappyEasyGo is one fraud company that is consistently doing fraud campaigns on the internet and here I will tell you why should not waste your time promoting this fake app.

Referral Program of HappyEasyGo

The referral program of HappyEasyGo is very cheesy that they will give Samsung Galaxy s8 to the top referrer every week and a free flight ticket to the second top referrer. But be assured, you won’t get that first and second place because those two are fake rankings listed by HappyEasyGo. I’ve personally tested that and has seen the app is totally fraud and has thousands of cases where the app has looted customer’s money and data.

Why is the Referral program of HappyEasyGo Fake?

  •  You can try participating in the referral campaign of HappyEasyGo and experience the frauds yourself, they will consistently put you on the third rank however hard you work and how many ever people join from your link.
  • I’ve tried this campaign twice and both the times I’ve verified that whenever I refer some people, the top 2 rankings will quickly outrank me within a short span of time and since they are managing the backend of the leaderboard, they will always make sure that you will be placed on the third position.
  • I’ve done many campaigns believing that the campaign is genuine and I’ve driven them many app installs and it’s very disappointing to realize that they’re cheating us.
  • You can read thousands of reviews regarding the fraud instances on flight ticket booking from HappyEasyGo on the internet.
  • The play store review of HappyEasyGo is totally fake and they buy app install from Click factories and all those ratings are fake.

What can we do?

This is what we can do as a customer, educate your friends and family about the fraud behavior of HappyEasyGo and ask them to uninstall the app from their phone and leave a 1-star review on the play store.

Final Verdict about HappyEasyGo

It’s fake, everything about HappyEasyGo is fake and fraud.



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