Mudrex Referral Code to earn upto $10k referrals bonus 2024

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Apply the Mudrex referral code A8592MLA to complete your signup as a new user and refer your friends to start earning referral benefits.


Dabble with digital assets and create a highly profitable portfolio of various currencies from Mudrex. If you are wondering, now is the best time to start. Demand for cryptocurrency is at its all-time high, so start using Mudrex to trade in crypto for big gains! 

  • Use the Mudrex referral link to sign up.
  • Enter the Mudrex referral code A8592MLA and get qualified to be a part of their reward program.
  • Earn up to $10000 on successful referrals and joining bonus.
  • Free investment account on PAN Verification.

Mudrex Referral Code

Trade and invest in more than 350 coins and crypto baskets from Mudrex. It is bringing a Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) registered portal at the palm of yoUr hands with the right security systems including insurance by Lloyds of London, encrypted storage, and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania.


Use the Mudrex referral link to sign up for the smoothest crypto trading experience and right after signing up, enter my Mudrex referral code A8592MLA to gain some extra profit as assured rewards. Our motive is to set you up to gain maximum profit from digital assets. 

Attributes Answers
Mudrex Referral code A8592MLA
Referral link
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits Joining bonus, 50% commission on fees
Website Mudrex
Founder Edul Patel
Cities Worldwide
Platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Linux


What makes Mudrex Better than the rest of the platforms? 

  • Insured funds with assets guarded by Lloyed London
  • The mighty AES 256 encryption technique assures data security 
  • For 1st time ever Crypto coin set options were selected and rebalanced by experts hence, easy diversification
  • Easy transactions; deposit and withdrawal in fiat and cryptocurrencies
  • Automated insights for having full vigilance over your currency portfolio
  • 100% compliant according to Indian and European regulations
  • Registered under FIU-India 
  • Easy access to 1-1 Support
  • Complete accountability of your funds
  • Constant updates on the market trends on telegram groups
  • Infographic trends and insights on the app
  • Select coin sets/ baskets and add them to the watchlist to monitor. 

What are coin sets?

For the first time in history, Crypto investors are getting a chance to invest in a collection of coins called coin sets or coin baskets. In addition to that they are getting a chance to monitor the fluctuations in value by adding them to the watch list to be the best judge of it.


You can make your collection or you can choose from theme-based index-based or performance-based coin sets. Otherwise, there are a few foundational crypto coin sets with low risk and optimal steadiness. 

Know about Mudrex in Detail

Mudrex aims to elevate the experience of regular crypto trading a few steps ahead. It focuses on making crypto investment as easy, accessible, and calculated as in stock markets, bonds, etc. Launched back in 2018, the platform facilitates buying selling, and investing of tradable Crypto assets with a motive to popularize digital wealth creation. Their financers include Y-combinator and funds like Village Global, Arkham Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners— making it a series A startup. 

This global platform is designed to serve retail investors to get better returns well adjusted to their risk appetite. You get a wide variety of options with added assurance of transparency with global standards of security. Its compliance with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in India, Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) in the European Union, and Organismo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM) in Italy makes it credible enough for your trust.

Mudrex has been mentioned in leading platforms including Forbes, Economic Times, and Moneycontrol. And after all their contribution has been commendable in incorporating never-seen-before features into their robust crypto trading services. This has successfully led to broadening their customer base.

Deposit Fees

For Fiat For Euro For Crypto
Deposit fee 0% 0.5% 0%
Withdrawal fee 1% + 0.18%(GST) + 1%(TDS) 0.5% 2%

(minimum: $0.5

maximum: $10)



For Coin For Vault For Coin set Rebalancing fee for coinset 
Invest fee 0.25% 0% 0% 0.25 to 1%
Sell fee 0.25% 0% within one month of purchase: 1%

after one month of purchase: 0%


Mudrex Referral Program

You get up to 50% commission on platform fees incurred for every transaction your referee makes. 

The process is simple. Say, your friend signs up using your referral code and buys/sells coins. The total platform fee collected from the transaction if comes to $4, and you get 50% of the fee i.e, $2. The fee is credited instantly once the transaction is completed. The earnings are eligible for withdrawal as well as investment. 

To get started, share your referral code with potential crypto investors in your circle. 


Find your unique Mudrex Referral Code by tapping the Refer and Earn section of the app at the top of the app homepage. 

When to Apply the Mudrex Referral Code to Win Rewards?

Install the app from Playstore or Appstore and click on signup to enter your basic information such as name, email ID, and mobile number.

Once you complete the process, the app homepage will display a question asking you to input my Mudrex referral code A8592MLA. 

Note: Making your first deposit makes you eligible for the latest rewards available on the platform. Claim it for an instant credit!

Save more by claiming your free investment account. Complete the PAN detail verification and get started. 

FAQs about Mudrex

  • Is Mudrex legit?

Mudrex is a series A start-up backed by financers like Y-combinator and funds like Village Global, Arkham Ventures, and Nexus Venture Partners. Moreover, it is registered under FIU-India so you can rely on their services without hesitation.

  • What is the latest Mudrex referral code?

The latest Mudrex referral code is A8592MLA.

  • What are the rewards associated with the Mudrex referral code?

You get an assured joining bonus as you make your first deposit. On successfully referring your friends, you get up to 50% commission on platform fees paid by them as a part of their crypto trading journey. Additionally, on verification, you get a free investment account.


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