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Drife app referral code

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Signup with drife referral code b9Bn6Hyy  to unlock your first free ride worth ₹250 and 2% community cashback forever on referral to enjoy the new blockchain-based Taxi 3.0 riding experience.

What is Drife App?

Drife is a decentralized taxi booking app that is different from the existing players such as Uber and Ola apps. The problem statement that Uber was trying to address was the point-to-point transport system but comes with surge pricing that loots the customer based on the demand and supply and environmental conditions. This app is built to solve these existing inefficiencies of the cab booking apps now and is against the surge pricing concept.

Drife Referral Code

The latest drife referral code is kGBLYJ2y learn everything about the referral program on this page before you complete the registration.


App Codes
🚕 Drife referral code kGBLYJ2y
🗞 Coupon Eligibility New users
💵 Referral Earnings ₹250 OFF on the first ride
🗓 Expires on 31-12-2025
🎛 App Drife
📱 Platforms Android, iOS, Mac OS App,
🇮🇳 Cities served Bengaluru
🛎 Parent company Drife LTD
💰 Referral bonus benefits Get ₹50 per user and 1% of the fare forever

How to ride with the Drife App?

  1. Download the app from the play store if you want to be a commuter and the driver app if you wish to drive with them.
  2. Complete your verification with the one-time password and the steps are the same for both the driver and the commuter apps.
  3. drife-referral
  4. Now you will be asked to enter your name, email address, and the drife referral code to complete the signup process.
  5. Enter the referral code kGBLYJ2y and finish your registration process and now you are ready to book your first ride.
  6. Once you successfully complete your registration, both as a driver and a rider you are eligible to receive DRF coins that can be redeemed for the next ride.
  7. To book your ride with the app, enter the destination and then confirm the type of cab required to finish the booking.
  8. drife-app-booking
  9. You can apply the balance from the DRF wallet and a new user promo code DRF250 to receive a free ride worth ₹250 on your first booking.

Referral program of the Drife App

Drife is the first decentralized app that aims at empowering both the driver and the rider community. You might have been asked by your Uber driver to cancel your drive and take on a direct trip with him so that he can save on the commission that he pays to those apps. Cab booking apps charge 30-40% of the fare commission to the apps and it’s never a fair business when you think from the driver’s perspective.


This is the first app that works on the zero commission model and the driver gets the 100% of what you as a rider pay for the trip. The driver gets to know about the trip destination and fare before he confirms a ride and thus eliminating the chances of cancellations. The transparency in the mobility industry will be fixed with this business model by avoiding a centralized app.

DRF Token in the app

The holder of the DRF token receives the rights of operations in the city and create new proposals, vote for new features and also win the NFT auctions. The whole app is powered by the blockchain model with a non-fungible token system. You can use the DRF token to pay for the ride, pay for the subscription fee and be a part of the local community and drife operations as well.


This is a decentralized ride-hailing platform that connects the drivers and riders through their easy-to-use mobile apps just like the other point-to-point taxi apps. Drife operates only in Bangalore at the moment and they have a plan to expand to other cities and countries in the next 5 years I hope you enjoy the blockchain experience and help the driver community by participating in the change.

Frequently asked questions about the app

  • Which cities does the app operate in now?

As of May 2022, the app operates only in Bengaluru and it will be soon expanding to other cities and countries.

  • What is the latest referral code of drife app?

kGBLyJ2y is the latest Drife referral code.

  • Who are the founders of this app?

Firdosh Sheikh is the founder of the decentralized taxi 3.0 app

  • How many cabs does Drife have in Bengaluru?

Answer: According to the latest interaction of Techbuy with them, it was confirmed that they operate 12,000+ cabs in Bengaluru.

  • What are the peak hours on this app?

Answer: The peak hours in the morning are from 8 AM to 10:30 AM and evening 5-7:30 PM. It is difficult to get a cab during peak hours.

  • Does the Drife app charge surge pricing on peak hours like Uber and Ola?

Answer: Well, in simple words there is no surge price on this app like Uber and Ola. But honestly, the drivers won’t accept your request for a low decent offer and you will end up surging the price yourself to get a cab. So this is very tricky that you will be responsible for the surges in the cab prices based on demand and supply.

I won’t say that they don’t have a surge pricing model, but they force the customer to increase the bid and give the power to the drivers to receive multiple offers to choose from based on the demand and supply model.

  • What are the referral benefits of the Drife app?

Answer: You get instant ₹50 wallet credits when your referee completes their first ride with your drife referral code and you get 1% of their trip amount forever.

Review of the Drife App

The drife app is straightforward to use. Drivers are fewer so you will have to wait some time… Set delivery location by betting on the map button. At this point payment via Wallet and UPI was the option, but the cash option is not available.


Sometimes you need to use Boost if you want to find a driver, which increases your budget amount price after you select the travel category as budget or premium. I’m using this app in Bangalore for a few months now and I like it better than Ola. I hope they will add more drivers soon so that cabs will be available most of the time.



  1. If more drivers are there on this app, it’s going to be the future and will definitely replace Uber and ola app soon

  2. Finally I started getting cabs on Drife app. Earlier they used to ask to topup wallet to book a cab and now they have online payment option where you can pay after your ride. That make sure your money is not stuck on the app. Also they have onboarded a lot of new drivers which makes cabs available everywhere.


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