Farmers Fresh Zone Referral Code (Farmers FZ) for ₹150 Credit

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Sign up using my Farmers Fresh Zone referral code ( Farmers FZ ) OWIwM2Y5ZDNhZGU or click on the link to download the app and get an instant  ₹150 cashback on your order of ₹400 and above. Hurry up! Grab your chance to get a ₹150 discount on your groceries today.

Farmers Fresh Zone Referral Code

If you are living a city life and your only source of getting fruits and veggies is the local supermarket, let me introduce you to the Farmers Fresh Zone. 

It is your reliable digital store to obtain organic produce free of pesticides. From the nearest farms to your pantry, Farmers Fresh Zone delivers freshly picked veggies in 16 hours! Once you use my Farmers Fresh Zone referral code ( Farmers FZ ) OWIwM2Y5ZDNhZGU to sign up, you get a discount of ₹150 which gets credited to your wallet after your first purchase. 


Attributes Answers
Farmers Fresh Zone Referral code OWIwM2Y5ZDNhZGU
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits ₹150 Instant Credit
App Farmers Fresh Zone App
Founded in  2016
Cities Kochi, Thrissur, Kottayam, Trivandrum, and Coimbatore
Platforms Android, iOS, Web


About Farmers Fresh Zone

Farmers Fresh Zone is an agro-tech startup that aims to revolutionize the vegetable supply chain. They connect the countryside farmers with the urban consumers. Even though we try to stick to eating healthy by consuming lots of fruits and vegetables as a part of our daily diet,  little do we know about what is going on inside our food and how it is being cultivated. The health factor in our regular store-bought veggies is often lost due to the poor quality of farming and the pesticides used for growing the crops.

Here, Farmers Fresh Zone comes to the rescue. When you order your vegetables and fruits from Farmers Fresh Zone, you can track the crops and know where they are coming from. It will connect you to the exact farm from where they have been picked. Needless to say, you get a variety of 130+ fruits and vegetables with their nutritional quality unharmed. 

How is FFZ special from other vegetable delivery startups in Kerala?

Let alone not reaching optimal nutrition through your food and take, inadequate nutrition can mess with your immunity and proper functionality. To make sure you are eating a healthy diet, it’s better to keep tabs on the source of your food. Farmers Fresh Zone makes sure the farmers deliver organic crops grown using ethical farming practices. They collect organic produce from the farms and make it available through their online store. The ‘Know your Farmer’ feature enables you to gain insights on the producers and stay smart about your food intake.

The app is currently limited to cities like Kochi, Thrissur, Kottayam, Trivandrum, and Coimbatore and you get your veggies delivered in 16 hrs! For orders over Rs. 299, they offer free delivery. This makes Farmers Fresh Zone supportive of local farmers and affordable and accessible. They deliver both local and exotic fruits and veggies all organically grown. Try nutrient-rich organic veggies from local and countryside farms. One thing is for sure, once you try fresh it becomes your flex! 

Farmers Fresh Zone Referral Program

More than lakh customers have already chosen Farmers Fresh Zone As their regular source of fresh veggies and fruits. By choosing Farmers Fresh Zone you not only take a step towards improving your health but also supporting the local farmers. Farmers Fresh Zone Referral Programme will help create awareness around supporting ethical farming. Simply share your Farmers Fresh referral code ( Farmers FZ ) with your peers over any social media platform and get a chance to win cashback worth ₹150.


Upon using your coupon code for signing up, your friend will also get ₹150 as cashback after they make their first purchase from Farmers Fresh Zone. Similarly, when you use my Farmers Fresh referral code ( Farmers FZ ) OWIwM2Y5ZDNhZGU you get a 50% cashback up to ₹150 and so do I. Any cashback received will be added to the wallet amount. Please take note that the offer is only applicable on orders over ₹400. Try it out now!

How to use the Farmers Fresh Zone Referral code ( Farmers FZ )?

Follow these few steps to successfully sign up using a referral offer.

  1. Download the Farmers Fresh Zone app from the link or you can use the website to register yourself directly.
  2. Finish installing the Farmers Fresh Zone app and open it.
  3. Tap on Account from the app homepage and tap Sign up
  4. Enter your name, email id, mobile number, password, and Farmers Fresh referral code ( Farmers FZ ) OWIwM2Y5ZDNhZGU and tap Continue
  5. An OTP verification will be done at this point. Enter the OTP and hit Continue. And it’s done.
  6. farmers-fresh-zone

After you complete your first order you’ll be rewarded with an instant cashback of ₹150 on your wallet!

FAQs about FFZ App

  1. What is the latest Farmers Fresh Referral code ( Farmers FZ )?

OWIwM2Y5ZDNhZGU is the latest Farmers Fresh Zone Referral code ( Farmers FZ ).

  1. How long will it take for my order to get delivered from Farmers Fresh Zone?

Farmers Fresh Zone usually delivers in 16 hours.

  1. Does Farmers Fresh Zone deliver in Bangalore?

No, Farmers Fresh Zone is currently only operating in Kochi, Thrissur, Kottayam, Trivandrum, and Coimbatore. 

FFZ Coupons were created on 25th May 2023 and are kept updated every month


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