Nestaway Referral Code for 1 month free stay + 1k Referral bonus

The latest nestaway referral code for new user promotion

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Use the Nestaway referral code 1IG0HCX9 to claim your new user referral bonus and a month of free stay with Nestaway in 2023.

Nestaway Referral Code

The latest referral code of the Nestaway app is 1IG0HCX9 and you can apply it only while booking and not during signup.

Exchange Codes
🏢 Nestaway referral code 1IG0HCX9
🗂 Code Eligibility New users only
📥 Referral income 25% off coupon for the next order
📫 Expires on 31-12-2024
🎁 App Name Nestaway
📱 Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mobile
🇮🇳 Cities served
Bangalore, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Noida, Pune, Delhi and many more
🔖 Parent company NestAway Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
💵 Referral bonus benefits Get ₹1000 OFF on your booking

What is Nestaway?

Shifting to a new city can be challenging when you are searching for reliable housing options. Rents have gone up double and security deposits have touched an all-time high. Startups claiming to solve this problem for decades are in tight competition to offer the best service. Did they succeed in providing better pricing and affordable housing? There are many elite renting startups like Dwellingo, and Stayabode that offer premium housing. But their pricing starts at 20k and may not be always relevant for the budget brackets of the common man.


Nestaway is an affordable housing platform that starts even from ₹4500 and very nominal deposits such as 2 months of rent. If you have checked out the housing market, post-COVID there is a significant rise in the rent and deposits, and tenants are being looted to an extent. The unique value proposition of Nestaway from other renting and housing apps is the price segment and affordable deposits that they offer. I personally had a bad time searching for flats in Bengaluru and Nestaway is one reliable app that I discovered recently that offers better pricing and reliable houses.

How to apply the referral code of Nestaway?

  1. You can download Nestaway Android or iOS application directly or if you are cool enough, you can consider doing it from the referral link here.
  2. Signup as you do normally on any other apps, they might just need your mobile number and an OTP verification to log you in.
  3. Now you can search for flats in your desired locations, click on the visit now button when you find the right one that you wanted to schedule a visit.
  4. how-to-apply-nestaway-referral-code
  5. Enter your phone number, email address and the Nestaway referral code 1IG0HCX9 to schedule your visit.
  6. Now you have successfully completed your visit with a referral code and if you found the property to be interesting, you can consider booking it online by making the payment.

Referral Program of Nestaway

There is an interesting campaign going on from the app, you can win a Goa trip by referring your friends to the Nestaway app. All you have to do is share your referral link or Nestaway referral code with the tenants who will be interested in moving out to any of their properties and when they successfully do it, you will be eligible for the normal referral bonus as well special campaign too. More details about this referral campaign are in the image below. You can refer both landlord and tenants to the Nestaway app and earn a commission for the referral.


Tenant Referral Program

This is a special campaign and can expire anytime or be replaced with a newer campaign. You might be seeing a slightly different one later. You can also see a leaderboard with your position in the referral rank list about your earnings.

Reviews of the housing market now

There is absolute unrest & chaos in the Rent-seeking marketplace in Bengaluru right now. Landlords and brokers have hiked up the House rentals as they think that they can extract extra buck out of needy seekers who are trying to come back to the city as offices are resuming. Please do not get succumbed & accept any higher Rent or deposit demands as its spoiling the entire market. There are many of us struggling to survive in our jobs due to negligible Salary hikes or for that matter increased cost of living in general.


Owners are claiming to settle their houses for almost double rates than usual. God forbid if we again get into any situation like the recent 2 yrs pandemic then we all will suffer badly due to this increased cost of living. Don’t let this Rent escalation drive our lives into frustration, our difficult times are not yet over. A growing number of experts see that soon we will be entering a recession in late 2022 or 2023. We all should unite together & fight this situation out.


The Nestaway coupons were last updated on 16th May 2023 and is valid until 2024.


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