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Grip referral code

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Grip is rewarding you up to 2000 on your first investment. Use our Grip Referral Code GRIPTBUY or follow the link to join Grip to win up to 2000 on your first investment. 

Grip Referral Code

Investors often search for alternative investment platforms that would allow them to go beyond gold, silver, and stocks and encourage them to make their portfolio diverse by presenting them with options like leases, corporate bonds, inventories, startup equity, and corporate real estate. Grip brings you such a platform to diversify your portfolio for more significant returns.


Now get up to 2000 as a reward once you sign up using the link or use Grip Referral Code GRIPTBUY. You can only get this reward once, so don’t miss the chance. Claim your bonus now!

Attributes Answers
Referral code GRIPTBUY
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits Upto ₹2000 reward on the first investment by signing up with the referral code
Website Grip
Founding father  

Nikhil Aggarwal

Cities Global
Platforms Web

Grip Overview

There is a world beyond the stock market and fixed deposit waiting for you to explore.  grip introduces you to such a market where you can invest in various new domains that are capable of bringing your greater returns. Grip not only encourages you to invest in these domains like corporate bonds, inventories, startup equity, corporate real estate, and so on. The website says as an alternative platform for investment that focuses on non-market-linked investment domains.


This digital investment platform has considered customer centricity, technological advancement, and operational transparency as the center point of its foundation. Needless to say, millennial investors are most of Grip’s customer base. Currently, Grip has a grip of over ₹300 Cr. across the market and only expanding. It is SEBI regulated and hence requires KYC checks before you get started. Investors need to be above 18 yrs of age and have a valid PAN and Aadhaar card. This leaves us with no question of legitimacy here! Start your alternative investment journey by trusting Grip.

Grip Referral Program

Grip brings you a chance to get up to 2000 reward when you sign up for investment using Grip referral code GRIPTBUY.

You also get a chance to refer your friends and win rewards once they start investing using Grip following your referral. Do not waste your chance, get your reward now!

How to Sign Up for Grip using a Referral Code for upto ₹2000 Reward

  1. Click on Sign Up on their website.
  2. You can use your Google account or LinkedIn account and even your email or phone number to register.
  3. Add your name, phone number, and referral code, and click on Proceed.
  4. You get a pop-up showing that you have been rewarded by up to 2000 which you can add immediately or even save up for later. 
  5. According to your preference, you can either proceed with continuing or do it later.


  • Is Grip legitimate?

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs looks over the leasing structure, equity structure is SEBI-approved. The grip is a completely legitimate source of alternative investment.

  • What is the minimum amount I can invest in Grip?

Although this answer varies according to assets, the minimum amount one can invest in any particular domain will never be less than ₹10,000.


The company tries to keep the minimum investment amount as low as possible.

  • What is the platform fee for Grip?

Grip charges a 2.0% management fee on returns.

  • What is the referral coupon code for Grip?

Use Grip referral code GRIPTBUY for a reward up to 2000 reward.

Disclosure: Grip involves financial gain or loss and Techbuy is not responsible for either of both for you. There are no guaranteed returns since market conditions are significant parameters involved in investments. We do get paid since the coupons on this page are referral coupons and we might be affiliated with them. 


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