FTH Daily Referral Code ₹125 cashback first 5 orders

FTH Daily Referral Code

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  • Join with the FTH referral code esubw3 of the FTH daily app and receive a bonus of ₹125 Cashback on 5 orders from Fresh to Home Daily.
  • FTH daily operates in major cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

FTH Referral Code

Apply the FTH daily referral code esubw3 for the new user bonus when you sign up with this code. The referral coupon is available for three cities in India at the moment.

App Codes
FTH daily Referral Code czyc6x
Eligibility Only for new users
Signup bonus ₹125 Cashback
Expires on 31-11-2024
App FTH Daily
Platforms Android, iOS, Web
KYC Required? No
Country India
Parent company FreshtoHome
Referral Rewards Yes


What is FTH daily App?

FTH daily allows you to order fresh veggies, fruits, staples, and groceries online with FreshtoHome daily. There are customizable subscriptions where you can get the best products delivered to your home. They also deliver non-vegetarian products and frozen meat products via this app.

FTH Daily can be really used as a subscription-based e-grocery program, which offers its services around Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Shop what you need – from farm-fresh milk into milk food to fresh vegetables & fruits, organic goods, fresh fruit juice, and personal care services and products to alternative essentials- everything in 1 go.

FTH coupons also help you to get the best discounts and rates for your orders.

You may pick from over 10,000+ products and revel in a hassle-free purchasing or subscription experience.

FTH Referral Code for new user bonus

  • With flash earnings, affordable pricing, and convenient subscription plans with a 5:00 – 7:00 AM delivery slot using free delivery in MRP leaves the FTH Daily referral code a reliable and responsible hyperlocal delivery service.
  • The best thing about FTH daily app is that they serve very healthy products that are free from pesticides, and hormones and that are not good for health. The brands that they are associated with and work with have proven excellence in serving high-quality health products.
  • If you’re somebody who wants to fill up on grocery stores or alternative daily essentials on account of your busy schedule or when searching “milk delivery ” on Google continues to be keeping you busy, then look no further as FTH Daily is precisely what you want.
  • Fresh to home launched FTH daily app for ordering daily essentials and groceries in subscription-based coupons.

Simply subscribe, pick your preferred products, and put your order. We are going to look after the others.


FTH daily app refers and earns benefits for new user sign up

FTH daily app has a referral program that is very rewarding and delightful for the invited person and the referrer. You can earn FTH daily referral code credits by referring your friends and using the credits to order daily essentials and groceries.

  • The newly joined friend will get a ₹125 bonus as bonus on 5 orders of ₹25 each.
  • The person who is referred will get ₹100 for every person who completes 5 orders.
  • The newly joined friend has to apply your referral coupon on his dashboard and complete his 5 orders from FTH daily app to receive the bonus code.
  • The referred friend will receive ₹25 credits as cashback on his first 5 orders after applying the referral code.
  • The bonuses that you earned by referring and earning are applied to your account as credits automatically and not as FTH coupons which makes it easy to use automatically on your orders in one click.

How do I find my referral code for FTH daily?

You can find your referral code for FTH daily only on the app and is not available on any other platform such as a website or web app.

  • Login to your app and on the right corner you will see the accounts area click on it to open the offers option on the drop-down menu.
  • From the offers menu, you can see activated offers, and there you will see the offer that is already activated on your account for joining with a referral coupon.
  • The referral performance credits that are to be added to your referral network are also shown on the same tab.
  • Your FTH daily referral code is shown on the homepage, scroll down and you will see an image showing the text “Got more friends? Earn more! and click on that banner to see your referral coupon.
  • Share your referral coupon with your friends residing in the cities where FTH daily is available.
  • The referral performance is shown in two statuses subscribed and remaining subscribed means those people who have already subscribed for an order and you will only earn credits for the people who have completed 5 orders.

What is a referral invite code?

The referral invite code for new users on FTH daily app is wlpwlx. Do not worry if you forgot to apply the coupon while you signed up, you can still apply the coupon if you haven’t applied one yet.

Referral invite coupons are subject to the terms and conditions of the FTH daily app.

How to apply the FTH daily app referral code?

The beauty of the FTH daily app is that you can apply the referral coupon even after signing up and get a bonus anytime if you missed applying the FTH daily referral code bonus.


  • Head on to the app and you will see an option on the homepage to apply FTH daily referral coupon as shown in the image below.
  • Click on the Have an FTH daily referral code? Then copy the coupon code wlpwlx and apply it and you are all set for getting bonus credits.
  • Complete your first 5 orders and you will get ₹25 for your first 5 orders.
  • Five orders have to be completed after applying the FTH coupon code to receive the bonus.

FEATURES & Solutions of FTH daily App

WIDE Selection OF MILK
Together with 70+ types of Milk, we’ve got an option for every user. Each family can elect his or her decision on Milk depending on their preferences. We now have Lactose-Free Milk, Organic Milk, Whole Cow Milk, Raw Milk, Buffalo Milk, Goatmilk, Camel berry & more.

Application to own your Steak or some other product brought to your doorstep to the program. Contribute to some items, place the shipping period and forget about this. Your delivery will probably reach you promptly, every moment. It is possible to even repaint your delivery, either removing or adding items according to your convenience.


If you’re heading outside on a secondary or you also would like your regular subscription items changed/annulled, then you may very quickly edit or pause the things in your own subscription program. It’s possible to restart the same if required. Our subscription plans can be customizable, i.e, so you can ask them to change depending on your requirements.

*TRACK Shipping
Proceed to the program’s Delivery tab to track the delivery of your plans that are scheduled. Your milk delivery will probably always be prompt, as with each program.

Apply for coupons and credits on your orders to get further discounts.

You’re able to keep a check on your own everyday expenses and have a combined opinion of spending within the months or weeks. Pay a visit to the”Delivery Background & Wallet” option from the”Me” tab. What’s more, you might have multiple alternatives to recharge your FTH Daily wallet.

Subscribe to and upgrade your own profile info, and add your address.

FTH daily payments

Experience the Simplicity of payment using the FTH Daily referral wallet.

  • After each and every powerful milk delivery or every other buy, money for that specific trade can acquire auto-debited from the accounts.
  • FTH daily app also supports online recharge from the credits and you can also top up your balance with a debit card or credit card.
  • The FTH daily credits can also be earned by referring your friends to your FTH daily referral code.
  • You can recharge your FTH Daily pocket with **Bank Cards, Bank Cards

Reviews of FTH referral code

Wonderful support. I’d set a 1-time delivery of veggies, vegetables, and other groceries plus so they were delivered at 7 am the following day. The veggies & fruits were fresh and neatly packaged. I have subscribed to their own milk & curd on daily basis.

— Ravi

I’d like to purchase groceries through Amazon Fresh and Flipkart along with the FTH Daily referral code as my own go-to destination for my own daily grocery store as well as meat. I expect that they keep the same devotion always through …

— Aakash

Very handy program. I’ve already been using the program for the last three decades. Consistent and normal support. Milk and other equipment are all available on time. The veggies and fruits are consistent with superior quality. Customer care can be quite prompt. FTH has left my life much simpler. Thanks, staff FTH daily referral code.

— Deepak

A great app for daily demand and the monitoring part is fantastic. Never have had any problems thus far. Services and products are limited at the time of this moment hope you guys put in more services and products in the future. Additionally adding slots for delivery could be fine.


I’ve now been buying milk-established items out of this program for four weeks and it’s been definitely calmness of the mind. No delivery overlook, timely alarms, and very good alternatives to establish delivery frequencies. I thank the whole team to find the service that they have been providing.

I would like to purchase increasingly more from you and will update this review once I find any constructive thoughts about FTH daily referral code to make it a much better place to search for daily desires.


Final conclusion about the FTH daily app from FreshtoHome


image description – The image describes the scale of referral commission on using FTH daily.

The FTH daily or Fresh to Home daily is a reliable service for ordering your essential products such as milk, bread, fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. Joining with FTH daily referral code will give you a bonus after your first 5 orders.

If you belong to the cities that are serviced by FTH daily app or Freshtohome then this is a very reliable service for your daily grocery needs especially during the pandemic time.

When you cannot go out, FTH daily app goes out for us and we remember and salute all those delivery boys who serve us with the best products.

The alternatives of the FTH app are bb daily, Flipkart grocery, amazon prime, Doodhwala, and milk basket and it’s up to you to try and decide which service works well for you.

I would strongly recommend you experience all the different services and evaluate what is good for your particular area in terms of serviceability, punctuality, brand quality, support, and service and make the decision.

We really hope that FTH daily will extend its services to another tier 1 and 2 cities in India and serve more users in the coming days. In case they already service your area, consider using our FreshtoHome after signing up to redeem your FTH daily referral code sign-up bonus coupon.


  1. Great app for daily essentials most important milk. You have an option to chose variety of milk with different vendors. Staff is very polite and well organized.

    referral code: lj9hh1

    download FTH Daily app now

  2. I love FTH Daily, I’m sure you would too. Enjoy your favorite milk brands, fresh produce, groceries, & a lot more. No delivery charges, and get delivery before you wake up. Now get cash back of upto Rs. 125 with my referral code– b0iztp


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