Flipkart COVID-19 Insurance worth Buying ? – Review

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Flipkart COVID-19 Insurance worth Buying ? – Review

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Insurance On Flipkart

Are you looking for COVID-19 insurance to help you stay protected?

Your shopping app is home to life insurance and health insurance options. The life insurance offers a guaranteed lump sum payout and it is available 24/7. What’s more, this insurance has a 30-day cancellation policy. The process to buy this policy is simple.

You can have a look at the different premiums for health insurance options and choose the sum you would like to opt for. Once that is done, all you have to do is enter the policyholder details and complete the payment. This Flipkart health insurance also features an easy claiming process. You can call the helpline number or send an email and submit the required documents. These documents will be a part of the verification process. Once that is done, your claim process will be processed. So, what are you waiting for? With health insurance cover options of up to Rs. 3 lakhs, you can choose a Digit insurance plan suitable for your needs and stay protected during the pandemic. It is a simple process that awaits you,

so you needn’t worry about a long process for buying a Coronavirus insurance policy. 


Get Your COVID-19 Insurance Here

One of the most important things you should be investing in this year would be life insurance for you and your family. The COVID-19 insurance, available on your favourite shopping app, will help you stay protected during these unprecedented times. So, curious to know more about Coronavirus insurance? This handy guide will help you figure out the details:

Flipkart COVID-19 Insurance worth Buying ? - Review

Why Buy Insurance?

Well, there are several reasons why it is a good option to buy insurance. This insurance comes with certain advantages that you can leverage on when required:

Guaranteed Payout: With the COVID-19 insurance, you can expect the guarantee of getting a lump sum payout. 

Cancellation Policy: This Coronavirus insurance offers a 30-day cancellation policy, just in case you have a change of mind. 

Availability: The insurance is available 24/7, thereby making it easily accessible. 

Flipkart COVID-19 Insurance worth Buying ? - Review

How Do I Buy the Policy?

The first step before buying any insurance is to make sure you have an idea about the different plans on offer. This will help you gauge about the premium for health insurance and the hospitalization cover you will be receiving. If you are planning to go ahead with the Flipkart health insurance, then you can buy the policy in three simple steps:

After research, you can choose the sum assured or the coverage you want to opt for. 

You have to enter the policyholder details. You’ll also need to update the details of a nominee. 

Once you have entered the details and you are done, you can make the payment and get your insurance. 

Flipkart COVID-19 Insurance worth Buying ? - Review

What’s the Claim Process?

Once you have bought the life insurance, the next important information you have to gather is how you can claim it. The insurance can be claimed with this simple process:

1. You can call the helpline number or send an email to the id provided by the insurer to make a claim. 

2. You’ll be required to submit the required documents. These documents are for verification purposes. 

3. Once the documents have been verified, your claim process request will be initiated. 

Call to Claim

Mail to Claim

Some of the Health Insurances Offered by Digit

There are three different health insurance options offered by Digit for COVID-19 (The Digit Illness Group Insurance). Here are a few of Digit insurances that you can opt for:

1. This particular insurance covers hospitalisation of up to Rs. 50000

2. The second insurance offers hospitalisation cover of up to Rs. 1 lakh. 

3. The third option offers hospitalisation cover of up to Rs. 3 lakhs. 


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