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Upgrad referral code for instant discount on your courses, make sure to click our referral link to activate the discount.

We do not recommend upgrad and felt the platform is not up to the mark, and those students who are already trapped by joining the upgrad are now being lured by the upgrad management to refer others and earn at least a few thousands as referral fees. Why would someone pay lakshs for learning a new skill in the world of GPTs and AIs. Reconsider your decision!

Upgrad courses and discount cap

Check out the table below to understand the referral discount cap on different courses.

Get upto ₹88.5k OFF on your courses (join from referral link)

Click from our referral link and join upGrad to get up to ₹88,5000 on enrolling to courses.

More Less
Expires on: 31-12-2025
Data Science programs
Get up to ₹50,000 OFF
Machine Learning & AI courses
Get up to ₹60,000 OFF
MBA Programs
Get up to ₹88,500 OFF
Business Analytics Programs
Get up to ₹50,000 OFF
Digital Marketing
Get up to ₹50,000 OFF
Software Development ( Full Stack, Blockchain, Cybersecurity )
Get up to ₹50,000 OFF
Get up to ₹50,000 OFF
Product Management
Get up to ₹80,000 OFF

upGrad referral code 2024 for new user bonus

The latest referral code of upGrad is eNqIuQ and you can get a handsome discount of ₹75,000 OFF on joining many degrees.

Exchange Codes
📕 upGrad referral code eNqIuQ
🪄 Eligibility New users only
💵 Signup bonus Up to ₹88,500 OFF
📅 Expires on 31-12-2024
🧰 App upGrad
⭐️ Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mobile
🤳🏼 KYC Required? No
📍 Country India
Parent company upGrad Education Private Limited
🎁 Referral income Yes

What is upGrad?

upGrad was founded in 2015 because we believed that professionals must continue to learn in an ever-changing field. We have been working with industry partners and universities to create a great online learning environment.


The support system we built around our learners has been a steady improvement. UpGrad’s first program in Entrepreneurship was launched. It has since created many of India’s most popular online programs that help professionals in data technology and management to achieve their career goals.

The reputation of universities’ in-app

It is important to choose a program that is affiliated with well-respected institutions or has been accredited by national or international bodies. This will make it more trustworthy. It is important to choose an institution that not only offers quality online education but also provides steadfast career placement and support. Online learning should not be restricted to live classes and upgrad referral code helps you to start a bright career online and earn your degree.

It should include a mix of synchronous as well as asynchronous content to provide round-the-clock learning. Online programs that allow for the streaming of sessions can be interconnected and provide low bandwidth streaming to accommodate learners from remote areas.

In the selection of an online program that is suitable for you, financial considerations will be important.

Before making your final decision, it is a good idea to consider the return on investment and the cost of the program before you make your final call.

Costs will be determined by the type of program, institution, and resultant quality. The student’s overall knowledge and skills will determine the value.

The economic slowdown and sudden COVID-19 epidemic have had a negative impact on the purchasing power of working professionals. Online education should have a high ROI.

Opportunities for placement

It is important to consider the type of career opportunities or placements that the program provides, as this will impact the decision-making process. Candidates must decide what their skills are worth to be considered suitable. COVID-19 has brought considerable unrest to the job market and has helped both professionals and students.

Course Fees

Recent Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy data shows that India saw an increase in its rural and urban unemployment rates in October.

The upGrad referral code will help you to get up to ₹75,000 OFF on your favorite courses online.

From 6.67 percent in September, the unemployment rate rose to 6.98% in October. A strategic partnership between online institutions and a large pool of recruiters will allow learners to achieve meaningful career outcomes. It will also make it easier to select an online program.

The selection process should be rigorous and thorough with an in-depth review of each point.

Join upGrad and Find the best career for you

upGrad, an online platform for higher education, offers industry-relevant programs that are designed in partnership with top faculty and industry. They combine the best technology, pedagogy, and services to create an immersive learning experience that can be used anywhere and anytime.

upGrad referral program

  • The Referees receive an Amazon gift certificate worth Rs. 3000 Referees receive Rs. 10,000 Flipkart gift cards for each successful enrollment in a course that is more than Rs. 1,00,000. 5,00,000 and Rs. 1,00,000.
  • Referral vouchers cannot be transferred and cannot be exchanged for cash, credit, or any other merchandise.
  • Without notice, the mode of payment can change without notice. Market conditions, provider changes, price changes, advertisement errors, or other unforeseeable circumstances could cause this change.
  • U Education Management Pvt. will not be held responsible. Ltd. will not be responsible for any Referral Submissions that are incomplete, lost, misdirected, or improperly recorded.
  • The company reserves the right to withhold the referral if the program is being used fraudulently.
  • U Education Management Pvt. Ltd. reserves all rights to cancel and/or modify the offer at any moment without prior notice.
  • All information collected will remain confidential. It will not be sold, traded, or disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes.
  • You will not be eligible for the referral benefits if the person does not apply your upgrad referral code while signing up.
  • Amazon gift cards will be sent out after the referee has purchased the course within 30 days.


How to apply the referral code?

  • Referral codes can be applied for in Upgrad. Simply sign up and submit.
  • Benefits for students are different from those for normal people.
  • Persons who are enrolled in courses that have been paid for are called “enrolled students”.
  • You are applying for admission to any of the graduate programs, whether you plan to enroll in an undergraduate, postgraduate, or certificate course.
  • Refer a friend and you will get a discount of up to 75,000 rupees
  • The course you apply for will determine the discount.
  • No matter what course you take, the code will remain the same.
  • The upGrad referral code can be found on many websites, including Google, Quora, and YouTube. However, sharing a referral code via any social media site is against their referral policy.
  • This policy can be found on the official website. You can also go through the procedure to get the code if desired.

Update on Upgrad Referral program

They replaced the referral reward delivery for not enrolled users with Zaggle propel instead of direct Flipkart vouchers. That means you can choose the type of reward from multiple options in the Zaggle rewards section. There are multiple websites that you can consider to redeem your points as vouchers. All you have to do is share your upgrad referral code with your friends and make sure your mobile number and email registered with them are correct. You will receive an email from Zaggle requesting to activate the account with a one-time password that is sent to your mobile number.

Latest upgrad Coupons updated on: 1st March 2024



  1. What is the referral reward for not enrolled users on all courses? Can you please update the latest bonus for enrolled and unenrolled users on referral and alumni discount too.
    I signed up last month and referred 5 friends and never got any references cashback till now. Is it genuine? What is the limit of referral bonus per user?

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  3. when will I get paid for referring my friends to Upgrad? I didn’t receive any info about the payout till now. It’s been 3 months that I referred my friends to Upgrad. Please tell me the date that you get paid from them.

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