WazirX Referral code Earn 50% trading fee as referral bonus

WazirX referral code for new user

Join with the latest Wazirx referral code ujeq4pg4 and refer your friends to Wazirx to get 50% referral cashback on the trading fee forever.

  • 4 Million+ users trust WazirX for Cryptocurrency trading.

WazirX referral code

The latest referral code of WazirX is: ujeq4pg4

Exchange Codes
WazirX referral code ujeq4pg4
Eligibility New users only
Referral bonus benefits No signup bonus now, Refer and earn 50% CB on trading fees
Expires on 31-12-2022
Exchange WazirX
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mac OS App, Mobile
KYC Required? e-KYC
Country India
Parent company Binance
Referral income Yes


WazirX is India’s number 1 crypto exchange and if you have plans to start trading cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BAT, XRP then the most recommended exchange is WazirX because of many reasons.

Please note that WazirX does not offer a signup bonus now and you can earn only a referral bonus via referring, if you are cool you can consider using our referral code.


How to use the WazirX referral code for a new user bonus?

Join WazirX by entering the Wazirx signup code ujeq4pg4

WazirX is India’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, it also got a lot of interesting features which we are going to be discussing in the post.

WazirX is a legal cryptocurrency exchange in India that makes it possible for users to spend money on many cryptocurrencies from trading in fiat currency.

How to purchase crypto using WazirX?

  • The very first step to purchasing crypto using WazirX is that you register with WazirX and complete your KYC online. Not a difficult task, it’s all digital, you just have to click the photo of your documents and finally a selfie to complete your WazirX registration. Do not forget to apply the Wazirx referral code while registration to support us.
  • Once your WazirX account is ready, you should also consider protecting your account with biometrics and a PIN on password login. Always keep in mind, Not your private key, not your crypto.
  • In India, WazirX is facing a big challenge in that Indian banks are not giving support to crypto exchanges with UPI. At the moment, all the crypto exchanges in India are facing this crisis and we hope soon WazirX will scale the platform with more advanced features and agile payment methods.
  • You can either deposit funds via P2P methods, IMPS, NEFT, UPI to your INR wallet and start trading on WazirX. They also support quick withdrawal to your bank. In case you’re planning to deposit money via IMPS or NEFT, do it only from your registered bank account on WazirX.


Benefits of trading with WazirX coupon

All in all, the WazirX user interface feels more suitable for users or beginners who simply like an easy and user-friendly crypto exchange to purchase Bitcoins.

  1. The trading fees, that is deposit and withdrawal fees are minimal in WazirX compared with its competitors in India.
  2. Many exchanges such as Coinswitch are not transparent and do not show the margin clearly with the user. Whereas, WazirX is transparent and real and gives the user the true cryptocurrency trading experience.
  3. When you transfer via P2P, there could be a charge and it is very common and much less than other exchanges in the market.
  4. The gas fee, network fee, taker fee, maker fee are all decided by the blockchain that you’re trading. When you are using WazirX, you will realize you are paying the lowest fee and transaction charges.
  5. WazirX is a safe and secure space for storing your tokens, they have the best industry standards for security and are supported by Binance the global Industry leader in cryptocurrency.
  6. WazirX has the best referral program ever, you get a 50% referral bonus for inviting your friends with the WazirX referral code.


If you’re super keen on the security of your crypto coins, then you should definitely consider moving your tokens to an external vault.

Always remember, not your private key, not your crypto. If you’re referring people to WazirX via the invite code, then you have more chances of compounding your wallet.

During the last couple of days, WazirX and every other exchange in India were facing a huge crisis. Most exchanges added a million users in just last one month April 2021. And it’s very obvious and expected to have server issues and it happend with WazirX too, they were not able to hold the millions of new users joined and there were server crashes. But the founder of WazirX has tweeted that it’s their utmost prioirity to scale up the platform to accomodate the new million users to trade smoothly. A lot negetive reviews on WazirX playstore explains this catastrophe of server issues during last week.

Signup with referral code of Wazirx

Convinced about WazirX from this article? Do not neglect to signup on WazirX! It’s not yer late to join WazirX and consider joining from a Wazirx referral code so that you can support digital publishers and help them earn together in the community.

We have the referral code mentioned on top of this page so you can just copy it or use the download link to join.

Please note that Cryptocurrency investments are subjected to market risk like any other investments. Please invest at your own risk and we will never be responsible for any profits or losses that you make via any crypto exchanges.

WazirX Fees and trading charges ( Trading Fee, Deposit and Withdrawal Fees)

  • The trading fee on WazirX is comparatively lower than other exchanges such as Coinswitch, Binance, etc.
  • There are different types of fees when you trade on WazirX, and it’s super important, very very important to understand what are the different trading fees and how can you save more while your make more transactions.
  • The three major fees on every Crypto exchange are maker fee, taker fee, intraday fee, and recently most of the exchanges in India have introduced a new fee upon deposit. These new bank deposit charges were newly introduced when the banks revoked support for Crypto exchanges.
  • To understand the WazirX trading fee in detail, click here to navigate to the official website of WazirX.

Frequently asked questions about the WazirX referral program

  • How much you can earn a commission in the Wazirx referral program?

Answer: You can earn 50% of the transaction fee of what the referred person trades.

  • How do I withdraw my INR from Wazirx?

Answer: You can withdraw the earnings directly to your linked bank account or even you can invest in the cryptocurrencies available on WazirX with the referral earnings.

  • What is the limit on the referral income?

Answer: There are no caps on the referral earnings from WazirX and the more people you refer, the more money you make.

  • When can I see the earnings of my referred person’s trading?

Answer: Every day at 12:00 AM, WazirX starts updating the referral income and it can go through all the way to midnight. The best thing about this referral program is that every morning you wake up more excited to see your income. And you literally earn while you sleep.

  • What is the validity of the Wazirx referral code?

Answer: The referral code above is valid till December 2022.

  • What is the referral code for new users?

Answer: ujeq4pg4 is the new user referral code of WazirX.

  • What currency will the referral income be credited to?

Answer: The referral earnings will be credited majorly on four different currencies, INR, WRX, USDT, BTC depending on the type of currency your friend is trading.


Final conclusion about Wazirx referral code:

Wazirx is India’s best crypto exchange and is trusted and has great expertise, authority, and trustworthiness in trading cryptocurrencies, security, and investments.

  • You can also earn free WRX coins by participating in competitions involving social media quizzes, blogging, and commenting on the official Twitter handle. One other proven and best way to earn WRX coins is to invite your friends to trade along with you on the app.
  • The withdrawal and trading fees on Wazirx are comparatively lower than any other apps and the interface is very friendly for anyone who has experience in trading with the stock market.
  • WRX coins can also be earned by inviting your friends to trade and when they trade the Wazirx’s own coin WRX, you earn a share of those transactions, provided they use your Wazirx referral code.
  • There is also an instant withdrawal option that allows you to transfer your INR wallet balance to your bank account instantly. Also, the NEFT/IMPS option can be used if you would like to transfer a huge amount such as 20 Lakh in one go.
  • The support team is hyperactive on telegram and the Twitter handle, you may contact them instantly by tweeting or dropping a message on Telegram for instant support.
  • Wazirx responds to every allegation over Twitter to make the platform transparent for users and build trust over the audience.

My earnings proof from WazirX

I have been trading with the Wazirx referral code for a couple of months and here is the screenshot of my earnings so far. The INR that you earn from referring your friends can be used for re-investing or trading or can be directly withdrawn.

I personally know people who trade for crores of INR daily via the referral code that they used while signing up to help the person who referred them earn a huge bonus every day.

The latest super cool update from Wazirx is their new chart that is very easy to analyse and use different indicators wisely. No Indian crypto apps provide this level of analysis at the moment and this is where Wazirx stands out from CoinDCX and Coinswitch.

Update on Wazirx Referral program

Many users are facing trouble with the referral program in the past few days because Wazirx is scaling up their referral program and a lot of transactions are pending to be credited as referral bonuses. So, if you haven’t received any bonus for referring your friends with the Wazirx referral code and if your friends have already completed the transaction, worry not you will be receiving all of the pending bonuses soon.


Warning- Cryptocurrency investments are subjected to market risk and do not offer any fixed returns. Please understand the risks and unpredictability of different coins before you make any investments. The video below can be educational and please do research and learn more about every coin before you invest your hard-earned money into crypto.

Wazirx has informed this via Twitter and let’s hope that they will come up with the scaled-up referral system soon.

Update: The Wazirx referral code is now active and there are few updates to the latest referral program in 2022.


  1. If you’re planning to signup for buying cryptocurrency online, WazirX and Coiswitch are the best options to go for. Join from my referral link for new user bonus.

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  3. Very excellent experience prior to now. Deposits were not fast. One thing which has to be improved is UI and specifically the portfolio area at which cost needs to additionally be exhibited using ordinary cost breakdown such as exhibited by different programs relating to stocks. UI could be the only basis behind giving 1 inch star less.

  4. Very wonderful ios application to purchase crypto. But will need to put in a deposit and draw for Dogecoin also to a great many other crypto-currencies. Besides these, everything is very excellent.

  5. Android app features are all good and yet one main draw back in this program is that….all the trades that are canceled are likewise being united with the powerful payments…If there’s any supply for filtering of the payments that are canceled. . .then it might be a major advantage for All Your crypto traders using the program

  6. It’s going to improve transactions. 2. Kindly improve android application. Whenever rush occurs in the market, Wasir proceeds to bed for simply take the remainder. 3. Make finance move longer easy and quick. 4. . Entire your program design is straightforward and user-friendly. Think it’s great being a beginner.

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  10. I tried wazirx app an year ago and they were offering signup bonus those days for everyone who signup from a referral link and later they discontinued that.
    Now only the person who refer is eligible to get a reward and it’s sad that new users doesn’t earn anything. whereas most other crypto exchanges are offering something for new users when they signup to keep them motivated and excited about the app. It’s all about the experience.

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    WazirX referral code is “x62x7quq“ to earn 50% of cashback on each Trade and 50% discount using Wrx. Wazirx has started a referral program which is offering 50% commission on every trade. You will get cashback in INR, USDT & WRX. Wazirx coin is known as Wrx so in these currencies, you will be receiving cashback.

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    Use coupon code : “ujeq4pg4”
    Also use WRX token to pay trade fee(usually 0.2%) to get 50% discout. I.e, it will be 0.1% if you pay through WazirX coin.


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