All Pluckk Coupon Codes for Referral 50% OFF + 50% CB on ₹299

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Apply the Pluckk coupon code PRDFOKDK and get a flat 50% OFF on your first order together with a 50% cashback if your cart value is above ₹299.


Pluckk delivers organic vegetables and fruits similar to what Deeprooted does. Let’s see in detail how this app is unique and different from the other startups in the industry and discover all the latest coupons for discounts.

Pluckk Coupon Code for Referral Offers

The Pluckk coupon code for 50% off in September 2022 is PRDFOKDK. The referral coupon will also give you 50% cashback, you can discover all other working coupons for 2023 on this page.


App Codes
🥑 Pluckk Coupon Code PRDFOKDK
🧺 Coupon Eligibility New user orders above ₹299
🥒 Referral benefits Flat 50% OFF + 50% Cashback
🫑 Expires on 31-01-2025
🥜 App Pluckk
🥗 Platforms Android, iOS, Web
🇮🇳 Cities served Bangalore, Mumbai
🥔 Parent company Fruveggie Technology Private Limited
👨 Founders Pratik Gupta

All Working Pluckk Coupons 2023

10% Off on Mininum buy of ₹499

Apply this if your cart value meets the criteria of product range value.

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Expired on: 16-06-2023
15% Off on Mininum buy of ₹999
Get 3 Piece Free Coconut

Ganesh Chaturthi special offer: If your order value is above ₹749, you can get free coconuts 

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Expired on: 30-11-2022
Get a free fruit basket
Get 50% OFF + 5O% CB on ₹299

This coupon is applicable only on your first order

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Doesn't expire

Overview of the Pluckk App

One of the many fruit and veggie delivery apps in Bangalore and is still unique on its own. The combos and product ranges are very convenient for preparing most Indian Chinese and other continental dishes. They have a section called Pluckk recipes where we get everything required for that proper meal in one basket. All you need is to spend some time and get your pan and oil ready for some action. Pluckk also delivers many exotic fruits and vegetables and you will find it handy if you are someone who relies on Avocado toast for breakfast.


The above image shows the range of meal kits they have for the quick preparation of your favorite dishes. The vegetables will be chopped and ready to cook according to your taste buds and can also be planned for the number of servings required.

Pluckk also operates from a website and an Android/ iOS app that makes the farm-to-door journey more convenient. All the vegetables and fruits served on Pluckk are from partner farms and are free from GMO or Ozone washing.

Referral Program of Pluckk

Pluckk did not have a referral program for a long time and today on the 5th of September they announced their refer and earn program that is rewarding. Let’s see in detail everything about the bonuses, terms and conditions, and how to use the coupon code. Every grocery or delivery startup in the early days should have a referral program to grow rapidly and they realized the need of the hour and came up with a great campaign along with this. If you use any other coupons than the Pluckk coupons mentioned on this page, you won’t be getting the discount mentioned here.


The referral rewards on the stake are great, but how effectively can you use the rewards matters a lot. However, I would say that it’s a great deal for new users to use the referral coupon code since they can save a flat 50% off on their first order and also receive a cashback of 50% of the order value provided the minimum order amount is satisfied. The referrer does not earn that well, still for the referee it’s a good saving on using a Pluckk referral coupon code.

You can earn ₹200 in referral Pluckk cash for every friend who completes their first order with your unique coupon code. The catch is that you can only use a maximum of ₹150 in a single order. They have a delivery fee of ₹39 for orders below ₹299 and effectively it’s a 50% off coupon that you receive in case you want to buy something valuable.

How to use the Pluckk Coupon Code?

The way of applying the coupon code is different than deep-rooted, but similar to Box8. You cannot apply the code while signing up. But on the cart, you can see an option for applying coupons, and there you can apply the referral code. You might see a list of pre-populated coupons on your cart for up to 25% off, but ignore that and use the referral coupon for a flat 50% off and the same as cashback too.


The cashback can be reused on your next order only. Please note that the coupon is applicable only for the first order of new users and you may not be able to use it on your other orders since it’s a referral coupon.

How to generate my Referral coupon?

You can generate your coupon from the app as well as the web versions. Complete your first order and once it’s delivered, you will see an icon of a gift box on the bottom menu bar of the app upon clicking it will show your referral code that you can share with your friends. These are the very early days of the Pluckk referral program and more about the policies and a detailed review will be posted along with the products that I order very soon.


There is a live campaign on Pluckk for winning an iPhone 13, the highest spender during the Ganesh Chaturthi will win him/herself a new iPhone and others in the leaderboard also win prizes like Nutri blender and vouchers.

FAQ about Pluckk Coupons

  • What is the best new user first-order coupon for the Pluckk app?

Answer: The latest Pluckk Coupon for September is PRDFOKDK.

  • How to generate my coupon code to refer to my friends?

Answer: You have to place your first order in order to invite your friends and earn a bonus.

  • How much can I earn from referring friends and how much can I use in one order?

Answer: You can refer to any number of friends, however, you can only use a maximum of ₹150 on an order.

  • When did Pluckk launch its referral program?

Answer: They launched the refer and earn program on 5th September 2022. You can start creating your own coupons.

Pluckk coupons were last updated on – 15th October 2023


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