How to Withdraw full crypto from Vauld 2023?

How to Withdraw full crypto from Vauld App

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Chances are high that your crypto is stuck at Vauld and you want to withdraw it to other exchanges. First of all, I would recommend opening an account at trusted exchanges like OKX and withdrawing your balance to OKX. You cannot directly withdraw the crypto to your bank account. You need a wallet to receive your crypto.

  • Click here to create an account with OKX and receive your crypto there. OKX is the most trusted and most safe crypto exchange in the world now. (Enter the referral code FUND100 receive a mystery box of up to $10,000 on your first deposit)
  • Once your wallet is ready to receive at OKX, you need to open your Vauld app and log in with your old credentials. Based on the scheme that you chose from Kroll, you will see the crypto withdrawable and equivalent balance in your dashboard.
  • You will be able to withdraw only the withdrawable balance at the moment from Vauld.
  • vauld-withdraw
  • if it is in USDC, click on the send icon next to the USDC open the OKX app, and click on the deposit option. Then choose USDC and the same network to receive the crypto.
  • Copy the address safely paste it on Vauld and confirm your request with the OTP.
  • You are good to go, the request for withdrawal is successfully raised.

Warning: The Vauld app has been defunct due to the volatile conditions of the market and it is recommended to not sign up for the app.

  • The latest Vauld referral code is get100 and you can use this code to complete your signup process on the app or website.

How to Withdraw Crypto from Vauld App

The Vauld app is available on the Android Playstore, AppStore, and on the web. The app is trusted by more than 500k users in the world and is backed by reputed personalities like Peter Thiel and organizations such as Binance, and Coinbase. However, they recently faced a financial crisis due to the drastic crypto market fall and unpaid loans from the borrowers. So it is strongly recommended to invest at your own risk.

App Codes
Vauld referral code get100
Eligibility New users only
Vauld withdrawl Can be withdrawn to other exchanges now
Expires on 31-12-2023
Exchange Vauld
Platforms Android, iOS, Web, Mobile
KYC Required? No
Country Singapore
Parent company Defi Technologies Pte. Ltd
Referral earnings Yes



We’re gonna start off with all the app highlights so don’t jump ahead referral code has the highest interest rates compared to all the other centralized finance crypto platforms at the moment interest is paid out weekly you can trust Vauld because other big-money trust them and Peter Thiel is invested involved as well as Coinbase ventures and some other investors to get the highest interest rate available.

You do need to sign up for the 30 days fixed deposit that can auto-renew and you can also opt-out at any time and if you do opt-out. Early you still get that prorated rate of being in that fixed deposit. So it really makes sense to sign up for it with the vauld referral code. A lot of coins are available to trade and they share some order books and they are a broker of Binance so you get that low trading spread low fees and lots of liquidity.

As far as fees go vauld, has 0.1 per cent trade fees that are the same fee you would get on Binance which is extremely low. The app is available in all countries where digital assets are legal so pretty much everybody can sign up withdrawal fees are based on the network fees mostly using ERC 20 tokens, so those fees can be pretty high if you want to save money.

I would recommend depositing or withdrawing using XLM or XRP. KYC is currently optional BitGo provides insurance to Vauld and they also do the custodial services so they’re making sure your assets are safe when using the app.

How does Vauld make money?

Vauld makes its money by loaning out your cryptocurrency at a higher rate to other people or other institutions and then when it makes its money it takes a small cut and then provides you with that interest. Don’t forget to checkout how to withdraw crypto from vauld since it is the most relevant topic now.

You can set up a beneficiary that is called a nominee unfold. So in case, you pass away or completely go inactive and disappear, your nominee would be able to access your cryptocurrency on vauld. This is something you should set up on every platform that is available and they do not provide a signup bonus as you see on other platforms.

How to sign up with the Vauld App?

  • We’re going to walk through using the platform signing up for Vauld so you can do it online It doesn’t have to be just in the app and we’re using my Vauld referral code get100. Here let’s talk about how to withdraw your crypto from Vauld to another exchange.
  • So signing up is a pretty quick process and we can use Google if we’re signed into Google, our Coinbase account, Facebook, or Twitter. It’s surprising that you can sign up using your Coinbase account.
  • But that’s because Coinbase Ventures is a partner and they are an investor involved. But we’re just going to use an email address here because I want to use something that’s available for everybody.
  • vauld-app
  • So now we’re in our account this is the Vauld account we set it up and KYC is optional. It takes less than a minute, the signup process is very smooth.
  • We can withdraw funds we can trade we can earn some interest and we’re going to browse through the interface first. So you can see here the total asset value at the top left, total interest earned and it shows our next payout date and the interest we’ve earned until the next payout date.
  • Interest is paid out weekly, so down here it shows our funds and all the different coins that are available on vauld. There are quite a few and it shows the current interest rate that we’re getting on XRP that’s 6.7.
  • I also have some USDT deposited in their fixed deposit fund for 12.68 and there are a lot of coins available but you can see that they are a trade only. You won’t be able to make a deposit of ADA, DOGE or POLKADOT.
  • So let’s make a deposit to our account I don’t want to search through this thing because it’s not the best experience. I’m just going to the go-to wallet and then I’m going to search for the coin I want to deposit XLM and now that we found that coin.

How to withdraw from Vauld?

So vauld does not have any withdrawal fees, but they do pass on the network fees. The network fees for an erc20 token can be expensive. So if you don’t have a lot of money to spend and you want to save some cash, I would recommend using XLM or XRP. You can earn crypto by Vauld referral code and is very easy to withdraw the referral earnings to your bank account or other crypto wallets.

  • We still have some XRP in our account received from the Vauld referral code and that is what I’m going to use to withdraw. So from the home screen here, we’re going to withdraw our funds and the easiest place to do that is from our wallet.
  • Select wallet, we see our XLM and then we hit the paper plane icon to send our funds somewhere.
  • Then we need to put in the receiver’s address and the memo both are always very important. Remember that and you can see the transaction fee for XLM is 0.01 XLM. The price for XLM at the moment is 38 cents, so the transaction fee is less than one penny and I can afford that.
  • referral-code
  • So I’m going to withdraw these funds. It’s that easy, I did not go through KYC and I’m able to deposit and withdraw funds using the Vauld referral code.
  • Vauld also makes it easy to invest, if you want a small ETF of coins pre-selected by vault through their AIP, automatic investment plan.
  • So you click the piggy bank at the bottom right here and then you can see the popular baskets of coins all in crypto bitcoin, Ethereum, and then three other things that I always forget it’s XRP, XLM, and BAT.

Final conclusion about the Vauld app

All you need to know about Vauld now is how to withdraw your money to your other exchanges because Vauld is defunct now. They have an excellent team to really focus on customer service, especially if you hold more than $5,000 in assets you would get your own account manager. The recent crisis at Vauld makes it unreliable for your investments and we do not promote signup to Vauld via us.

Last updated: October 2023


  1. What is the process of Vauld to vauld transfer? How much do they charge for sending money from one account to other that was earned via referral coupon?
    Thanks in advance

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