uSMART Invitation Code for 12 USD Voucher New Users

uSMART invitation code

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Sign up using uSMART invitation code uho7 for uSMART and get a welcome package including a 12 USD cash voucher, wire transfer promotions i.e, reimbursement for bank transfer charges, and much more.

uSMART Invitation Code

If you are a smart investor looking for a global platform,  say no more we have your back! uSMART, an Internationally recognized platform brings you up to 6 types of cash vouchers along with 7 free stocks on inviting friends to sign up. Use our uSMART invitation code uho7 to sign up or follow the link to win free stocks and many more rewards. Go ahead, and sign up now!


Get 7 free stocks by inviting friends and win an opportunity to get stocks worth 300 USD! You win a Lucky Draw ticket with each referral which gets saved in your reward section. Claim your free stocks now!

Attributes Answers
Referral code uho7
Eligibility Single-use only
Referral benefits 12 USD cash voucher, 7 free stocks, stocks worth up to 300 USD.
Founding father Torry Hong
Cities Global
Platforms Android, iOS, Web


uSMART Overview

uSMART is a new-age trading and investing platform that supports smart trading including exclusive investment options of 10 types. It is befitting for new-age traders because of its smart trading techniques to limit the risks associated with the stock market. The platform offers multiple functions including grid trading, buying low-sell high options, and so on. uSMART has features that keep you updated about investment strategies using quantitative investment portfolio models as well as suggest to you the best options you can pick recommended by licensed financial analysts.

Every single day stock analysts will pick the 9 best profitable so for you from the US and Hong Kong markets. Here, investors can find funds, asset management plans, and derivatives of global market bonds apart from stocks. Since the app provides expert advice with a low entry price, it is well-suited for both seasoned traders and newbies. You can get the monthly stock price installments for as low as US$100! uSMART is quite encouraging for newbies as one can start with as little as  US$1. 


You can see US stock options at the lowest price. ETF, warrants, inline warrants, CBBC, and other products are also available for trading. uSMART supports multi-platforms without charging extra for U.S. stocks. You get an intra-day margin for trading the same day and make a profit of a maximum of 20x with 0% interest. The app helps in better decision-making by giving you a smart diagnosis with scores. You can find a variety of analytics tools like smart monitors, trend tracking, technical analysis, and value screener for intelligent judgment and smart trading.

With flexible redemption, traders can invest with a subscription fee of as low as $0. A collection of monthly investment plans is also featured on the app for every budget. You can manage high-level assets and also subscribe to US IPOs. uSMART facilitates both high-risk tolerance investment as well as long-term profit. Create a diversified investment portfolio with an unbelievable minimum of 0.0001 shares with uSMART.

uSMART Referral Program

Just like its name uSMART brings you a smart platform for modern-day financially smart people. Use our uSMART invitation code uho7 or use the link to sign in and get a 12 USD cash voucher, wire transfer promotions, and more. On inviting friends, win an opportunity to get stocks worth 300 USD and 7 free stocks! You get 6 types of cash vouchers to choose from.

Win 6 more lucky draw tickets when you make your friend sign up using your invitation code and complete his first deposit of 1500 USD and above (within 30 days of signing up), and he takes part in more than 3 trades within 30 days of the deposit date. You get a 6x lucky draw ticket of value $3-$300 as your referral reward.

So do not wait anymore. Start trading with uSMART and make your friend’s money smart with you!

How To Sign Up At uSMART

  1. Follow the link and click on it to download the app with uSmart invitation code.
  2. Tap on the ‘Sign up Now button
  3. Select the country code and enter your mobile number and expect a verification code.
  4. Upon receiving the SMS verification code and getting your account verified, tap on ‘Open Account’.
  5. Choose the type of identification procedure you would like to opt for.
  6. Type all the personal details and addresses required.
  7. Identity proof as well as residential proof is further required.
  8. Now you will have to upload the employment status required.
  9. Here you can choose if you would want to activate your A share trading market.
  10. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  11. Agree to the risk disclosure statement.
  12. Enter your bank account details and Confirm it.
  13. Now you can upload the deposit slip.
  14. Now the entered details will undergo a security check with eventual activation of your account within one day (if your documents get approved).
  15. You will receive a notification once your account is successfully opened.

FAQ about uSMART App Referral Program

  • Is uSMART a reliable platform?

uSMART is an absolutely reliable platform offering HK, UK, US, and A share trading.

  • What is the referral code for uSMART?

uho7 is the latest uSmart invitation code.

  • What is the referral reward for uSMART?

12 USD cash voucher, 7 free stocks, and stocks worth up to 300 USD are the reward you get once you use the referral code.

uSmart referral Coupons were last updated on: 12th January 2023


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