Slice Invite Code for ₹300 referral bonus + Free Card 2023

Slice invitation code

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  • The latest slice invite code for the referral bonus is STARK19941.
  • Slice is India’s latest unicorn startup after their recent funding of $220Mn, here is everything you should know before applying for a slice card.

Slice Invite Code 2023

The invitation code for the slice is STARK19941 and you can get a free credit card delivered to your house and earn a handsome signup bonus of ₹300 when you signup with the above invitation code.


📲 App name Slice
💸 Slice Invite Code STARK19941
💰 Referral Earnings ₹300 per refer
📎 Country India
🗒 Expiry date 31-12-2023
KYC Required
Platforms Android, iOS

Slice card charges and pricing

At the moment, there are no fees for applying for a slice card and you even get the card delivered to your home for free. The card does not have any hidden charges as well, it’s all similar to a normal credit card and you have a billing cycle date that you can repay your dues from the previous month.

There will be a late fee as per the existing dues as similar to other credit cards and you will get notified before your due date. The fine will be on a daily basis depending on the scale of the limit.


There is a cash withdrawal charge of Rs. 50, and 25 in case you transfer money from ATMs. Again, these charges are so common on using credit cards.

The card booking and delivery are free and you don’t have to pay anything for your application. There are no hidden charges if you pay your bills on time before the due date.

There are no annual or recurring charges as well which makes everything transparent to users.

Slice offers and Cashbacks

They always say, a credit card is a way to be financially broke, but that isn’t true. If you know well to use credit cards, you can save a lot of money on your spending.

Most popular apps and websites offer decent instant discounts and cashback while using slice cards on transactions. We recently transacted via slice on Swiggy and the experience was seamless. There was 60% instant off on the first order and many other booking and e-Commerce websites also have a good discount on using slice cards.

There could be more stores and websites offering good deals via slice card soon. You can activate the deals and offers from the Spark section inside your app. You can burn your slice monies to convert it to real cash at a flat 1% rate for now which is said to be upgraded to 2% very soon as per the information available on the Slice app.


They also offer ₹300 cashback when you refer someone with a Slice invite code or slice invitation code and they successfully get approved for a slice card.

Slice Refer and Earn program

Slice offers a very delightful and rewarding referral program when you invite your friends with your invite code of slice. You can refer up to 100 of your friends and earn ₹300 cashback for each of the friends who are approved for the card. Your bonus cashback will be added to your statement once they make their first transaction.

The referral bonus can be redeemed anywhere without any conditions just as you use your card and will be adjusted in your current statement too. You may not receive more than 100 invite bonuses from your slice invitation code and still, this is one of the best invites and earn programs ever.

Advantages of using Slice card

  • The card is on the VISA network and is free for a lifetime without any charges.
  • Credit limits are high and depend on your credit scores.
  • No-cost EMI options are available for many websites and apps.
  • Flat 2% reward points on all transactions are added to your Slice monie section.
  • Contactless transactions by just tapping your slice card with a transaction limit of ₹500.
  • Fuel surcharge waiver of up to ₹200 per billing cycle on transactions less than ₹4000.

Eligibility criteria for card approval

Only Indian citizens are eligible for the slice and you can be a student as well to get your application approved. They are not too strict on employment status and can offer you a lower limit depending on your status. However, if you are self-employed or employed full-time, you have a higher chance of getting a higher credit limit.

Also, applying our slice invite code can increase your chances of getting your application approved. The minimum age threshold is 18 and your minors are not welcome to slice.

Application process and invite bonus

  1. The first step is to download the slice app from the play store or App store and get started by entering your phone number.
  2. Verify your mobile number and make sure you enter your contact number that is linked with your PAN card, Aadhar card, and others. financial circuits so they can fetch your credit score easily.
  3. Now, the app will ask you for your name and employment status and on the next page, you can see your PAN card information as well.
  4. The process of fetching your credit score is in progress in the background and you might be asked to confirm it now and enter your Aadhar card number.
  5. Enter your address for the card delivery and complete the application process.
  6. You may be asked for a slice invitation code and that can increase your chances of approval on the application if you can apply the slice invitation code.


Business model and final conclusion

The business model is simple they have partnerships with NBFCs and provide you with consumer durable loans with a credit line. It might be slightly different when you see it on your CIBIL score. Unlike normal credit cards, you might see slice as a personal loan on your credit profile. They charge you a market standard late fee when you default on your payments and that is the primary source of revenue for credit card companies. We wanted to mention everything honestly before you apply our slice invite code and signup.

Also when you pay on websites, you get a small cut since it is not a debit card, and many websites charge you extra for paying with credit cards. Please be a responsible credit card user and do not go into debt by shopping for unnecessary products and subscriptions. If you are not employed, consider not spending much and always remember to pay back your debts on time.

I know how difficult it is and I have been through that period now I realised how to be a responsible credit card user and save money. Earn bonuses by referring to the Slice app to eligible people and earn free credits on your slice invite code.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated or related to Slice and are not responsible for any financial gain or loss that you make via Slice pay. You may use this banking service at your discretion and this is a review of the product and service. We may get paid when you use our slice invite code to get your new slice card. The slice invitation code that we shared may benefit us upon anyone using it to complete their signup on the app.


  1. How is new user bonus credited? is it monies or real cashback? Can we use the bonus completely on the future spends via the slice card. I want to know more about this referral program and couldn’t find much information on their app. Thank you for the answer

  2. please tell me how to evaluate my referral performance using my slice invite code. I cannot see much options to see the names of people that I have referred so far and the status of the bonus as well

  3. slice is very fluid user interface and I won rs 300 as cashback for paying my bills and referrals. The best thing is that we can convert all the monies reward points to real cash as flat 1% cash.

  4. I want to earn more rewards and coupons on my slice account. How to promote my invite code bro/ can you please post my code on this website for 1 week, I’m ready to pay for it.

  5. please enter my code while signing up to get more bonus seasonally as referral cashback. you can redeem 100% of the cashback that you earn by referral. Please PM me for the invitation code.

  6. Thank you everyone for sharing your referral codes and I appreciate for following our blogpost about the latest invites and referrals. You all can share your codes in the comment section and get cashbacks.

  7. Slice latest referral code:
    Slice invite code:


    Get 300 instant cashback on your first online or offline transaction.
    Card approved in just 5 minutes.

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    This is freshly generated Code, so it will definitely work.


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