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Make it Powerful

So first all warm welcome friends lets look at how to buy a laptop in a low budget and making it powerful. I have been suggesting this way too many of my friends too…I will sort you some low budget but better-performing laptops here too..
So the way you can make a low budget laptop faster is by adding an SSD and ram to it. When we look into a laptop we just had to be concerned about the processor(Intel/AMD/…)

For student purposes or study purpose, an Intel Core i3 will help you a lot and also AMD is getting better in the processors like its Ryzen 3/5/7,… AMD processors are cheaper than Intel but it has lack of cache than Intel.
For those who are looking forward to Gaming/Studio purpose going for the Asus laptops with AMD is better (Intel costs a bit more)…

I will provide some good laptops you can buy according to your usage and purposes.
1. Lenovo Ideapad series (I use this laptop,  it’s according to my  experience)
Intel 7th gen(Ram upgrade up to 12gb(4gb is soldered on the motherboard) officially, Update with SSD(128gb-1TB)

Best ram for the first laptop From Crucial

Intel 10th gen laptop in the Lenovo series

Others will be updated soon…

2. For Studio/Gamers

Others will be updated soon…


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