Samsung Referral Code for extra ₹5000 OFF 2023

Samsung Referral Code

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Let’s discuss the exclusive benefits of using the Samsung referral code and everything you need to know before buying anything from their app or website to save maximum.

Samsung Referral Code

Apply the referral code of Samsung REFXBYXTFE9U on your cart to claim a flat 5% offer on your order.


App Codes
📱 Samsung Referral Code REFXBYXTFE9U
💻 Coupon Eligibility Eligible products for new users
🔋 Referral benefits Flat 5% OFF up to ₹5000
📹 Expires on 31-03-2025
🖥️ App Samsung
⌚ Platforms Android, iOS, Web

Samsung App / Web Overview

Samsung does not need any introduction as it is one of the most trusted consumer electronics brands. But most people do not know about the Samsung referral program since it is open only to people who have purchased anything via the Samsung app or website. Most people buy from the official OEM websites when they shop for flagship or expensive devices. The main reason behind this is the trustworthiness and reducing the middleman between you and the manufacturer. The website of Samsung is well designed and would be the #1 option to buy any of the devices from them instead of amazon or Flipkart.

Referral Program of Samsung

There are two types of coupons that you can redeem to save on your orders from the Samsung app or website. The first one is the referral coupons and the others are the coupons issued by Samsung itself. If you don’t have a friend with a referral code, don’t worry we are here to help you to get up to ₹4000 OFF on your purchase.


They have updated their referral benefits and it’s not up to the old ones since they cut off many benefits for the referrer. Earlier, it was 5% rewards for the referrer and the referee, but now it’s scaled vouchers for the referrer and a flat 5% off on eligible products for the referee.

10% discount on your first order

Use the latest March 2023 Samsung Referral Code and enjoy up to 10% discount on your first order.

More Less
Doesn't expire

I Hope Samsung won’t cut off more on the referral program since the recession is hitting them badly. For the latest Samsung referral rewards on September 2022, refer to the table below.

Referral Rewards on Samsung App 2023

The reward vouchers vary depending on the products purchased by the person you invited, below table shows the comprehensive list of rewards against the purchases of the person that you invite with your Samsung referral code.

Device Purchased by Referee Reward for Referrer
Samsung Z series ₹1500 Voucher
Galaxy S series ₹1500 Voucher
Galaxy Note series ₹1500 Voucher
Samsung Tab S7 ₹1500 Voucher
Galaxy A series Voucher worth ₹750
Galaxy Wearables Voucher worth ₹750
Galaxy Tab A series Voucher worth ₹750
Tab S6 Lite Voucher worth ₹750
Galaxy M series ₹500 Voucher
Galaxy F series ₹500 Voucher

The table is based on the September 2022 data, it may be changed without further notification anytime.

Eligible products and reward for referee

The referee stands eligible for a flat 5% up to ₹4000 if the referral code offer is mentioned on the specific product page. Please be noted that the referral offer is not applicable to every product on the Samsung website or app. If your product is eligible for the offer, you will see a similar notification shown below.


You can use the vouchers earned by referring your friends on your future purchases at Samsung only. These vouchers cannot be exchanged for money or withdrawn from your bank. To track the performance and the received vouchers, head on to my referrals tab on your Samsung account and then redeem it. Every Samsung referral code starts with the keyword REF and then a unique set of alphanumerics.

How to shop with a referral code?

You don’t have to use the Samsung referral code while signing up like the other apps, they have designed a way to use the coupon code while placing an order from the app or website. You can either use the Samsung 20k advantage program coupon or a referral coupon to get a discount on the order. Keep in mind that the 20k advantage coupon only gives you vouchers and not an instant discount. If you are on the cart checkout page, apply the referral code REFXBPKMC4SG and enjoy your flat 5% discount up to ₹5000.

FAQ about Samsung referrals

  • Where can I track the performance of the referrals and vouchers that I received?

Answer: You can log in to your app or website dashboard and click on the smart club tab to track your referrals.

  • I cannot see my referral code on my dashboard. Why?

Answer: You must place at least one order from Samsung to see your referral code and participate in the referral program.

  • What is the referral coupon for Samsung in 2023?

Answer: You can apply the latest referral coupon REFXBYXTFE9U in 2023.

Samsung coupons were last updated on: 22nd April 2023.


  1. Incase other code doesn’t works here is mine

    Referal code : Samsung India as of 2023 Mar 03
    Use referral code REFPTR9ZWUAM to unlock up to 5% discount on your next Samsung smartphone purchase.


    The code is working, I have just checked.
    5% additional discount on Samsung website.
    Can be combined with other offers.


    Latest code. My friend just used it and it is working!!
    5% additional discount on Samsung website over and above all other discounts and bank offers.
    Can be combined with other offers.


    Latest code.

    Get 5% additional discount on Samsung website over and above all other discounts and bank offers.
    Can be combined with other offers.

    My friend just used it and it is working!!


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