Kiwi Referral Code to Win ₹250 Sign-up Bonus for New Joinees

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Use our Kiwi referral code KIWI2KBRLO to sign up and win ₹250 reward. You can also tap the link to download the app or register yourself directly from the website.

Kiwi Referral Code

So imagine, you left in a hurry for your date, and you forgot your credit cards at home. Payment won’t be an issue because you have your mobile with you; but what about your credit scores? Tricky situation, Right? Think no more because Kiwi brings you the best solution to deal with this situation. Now you can carry your credit card in your phone; so wherever your phone goes with you, you’ll have your credit card to pay from!


Download the app from the link or use the referral code KIWI2KBRLO while signing up and get ₹250 cash reward along with an assured 1% reward. This is a one-time offer valid for new users only. So try it and find how convenient it is for your daily transactions! Keep reading to find out more about the rewards awaiting.

Attributes Answers
Kiwi Referral code KIWI2KBRLO 
Referral link
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits ₹250 cash reward
Website Kiwi App
Founder Siddharth Mehta
Cities Worldwide
Platforms Android, iOS


About Kiwi App

The rapidly growing fintech industry in India is all set to welcome another new payment option that will allow you to scan and pay using the UPI-enabled Rupay virtual Credit card, Kiwi app. Kiwi, a recent launch, is about to revolutionize the Indian fintech market for credit card users. It is the 1st of its kind in India. No need to worry about your credit scores as you can use Kiwi to pay from your credit card balance for any small to big transactions to any merchant you wish to pay. You can also pay your friends and family directly if you have their phone number or UPI ID saved. In short, you are just one tap away from using your credit card. All this without paying any extra charges be it annually or while joining. It brings together the ease of using Scan and Pay, with the rewards of using a credit card. 


But wait, that’s not all; you get additional points as ‘kiwis’ every time you scratch and pay. Get assured 2 Kiwis on spending ₹50. These kiwis are redeemable anytime as cashback in your bank account. This app also enables you to keep a tab on your credit score easily. Get started by downloading and installing the app, completing the KYC procedure and your virtual credit card will be ready within minutes! 

Kiwi Referral Program

Kiwi brings you a straightforward and simple referral program where you get rewarded For your gesture of loyalty. Whenever you share your referral link or unique referral code with your friends and family, you, as well as they receive a ₹250 cash reward from Kiwi on successfully signing up using your referral. The reward is reflected in the account once they make their first transaction using Kiwi. To find your Referral Code,

  1. Go to the app Homepage.
  2. Tap on your Profile at the top left corner.
  3. Tap on Refer and Earn.
  4. You will find your Referral Code here, which you can share directly.

Note: ₹250 sign-up bonus is only credited once the new member makes his/her first payment. Even after signing up without a referral code, you still have the option to enter the referral code of the Kiwi app inside the settings tab. It is a really cool feature or update that helps a lot of users to redeem the rewards after signing up too. Don’t forget to share the code with your friends to extend your bonuses.

When you use my Kiwi referral code KIWI2KBRLO and make the first payment, you and I receive a bonus of ₹250. So keep sharing and keep earning!

How to get started with Kiwi using the Kiwi Referral Code?

You just need to follow a few simple steps to sign up for Kiwi using the Referral Code and get ₹250 cash reward.

  1. Follow the link or head over to the Play Store/Appstore link and download the app.
  2. Install the app and tap login.
  3. Take part in the signup process starting with entering your mobile number. Followed by a tap on Get OTP.  
  4. kiwi-app-review
  5. When you follow the link, my Kiwi referral code KIWI2KBRLO will be automatically added and you’ll be credited the bonus amount.
  6. Now tap Get Started.
  7. Tap Continue.
  8. Or if you have not followed the link to download the app,  sure you need to tap on Have a referral code? And enter the Kiwi referral code KIWI2KBRLO manually.
  9. Enter your PAN number and tap on the box below to give consent and agree to the terms and conditions.
  10. Now you have to enter personal details including your official name, pin code, and career details, and affirm the agreements.
  11. Tap Submit with OTP.
  12. Now enter the OTP and tap on Verify and Continue.
  13. Once you get your details approved you will receive your virtual credit card.  Even if you don’t get your request approved,  you can still use your UPI to make transactions after you successfully link your UPI ID. This can take up to a minute to process.
  14. Tap on Create a PIN and set your unique code to continue with Kiwi.

You make your first transaction and get your Sign-up bonus of ₹250 from Kiwi.

Tip to make more referrals on the Kiwi App: Find your friends who use Rupay cards CRED rent payments or BharatNXT for transferring money from credit card to bank. Tell them there is a more simplified way of doing it and recommend Kiwi.

FAQ about the Kiwi App

  1. Is the Kiwi app legit?

Kiwi app is powered by Rupay and the founders are all industry experts including, Siddharth Mehta (ex-CEO of Freecharge), and Anup Agrawal (ex-head of Business LazyPay), you can put your trust in it.

  1. Is KYC verification essential to start paying with Kiwi?

KYC check is an essential part of signing up for the Kiwi app or any other fintech platform, without which payment won’t be possible using any such payment gateway.

  1. What is the latest Kiwi referral code?

The latest referral code of Kiwi is KIWI2KBRLO.

Disclaimer: This post might contain affiliate links and we might earn bonuses upon successful registration of users the referral codes were last updated on 15th October 2023.



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