CRED Referral link to get ₹1000 CB How I won iPhone 11 pro?

CRED Referral link for new user bonus.

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CRED referral link or invite link for new users

Join CRED from the CRED referral link or invite link below to get ₹1000 Cashback after your first Credit Card bill payment. Get a scratch card with assured cashback and rewards on every Credit card bill payment.

Click here to download CRED and get ₹1000 Cashback



CRED is trusted by more than 10 Million users with 4.6 stars on the PlayStore and App Store.  Download from the below link to get started.

CRED Referral link for new user bonus

App Codes
CRED Referral Link Click here to download from the CRED invite link
Eligibility New users only
Signup bonus Up to ₹1000 Cashback
Expires on 31-12-2023
Platforms Android and iOS only
KYC Required? NO
Country India
Parent company Dreamplug Technologies Pvt Ltd.
Referral Rewards Yes



Benefits of CRED over other Credit card bill payment Apps

Kunal Shah – the founder of Freecharge which was acquired by Snapdeal in 2015 for $400 million launched CRED back in 2017 with a new bet in the world of credit cards. About his new venture CRED, Kunal Shah says it is “a platform to celebrate and reward the most creditworthy people of India”.

CRED has already been downloaded by 7 Million + users and has a 4.7-star rating which is more than the downloads and ratings of GooglePay.

What is CRED?

If you are someone glued in front of the television during the IPL in 2020 and 2021, the chance is high that you have come across the name CRED multiple times. CRED is a simple app that allows you to earn rewards for paying your credit card bills online. Rewards include instant cashback to your card, holiday vouchers, product deals, cred coin redemptions, MacBooks, iPhones, and even Mercedes Benz.

Not just limited to paying the bills, it also allows you to track your spending and any unidentified charges on your credit card. The idea of Kunal Shah was to build a gated community of trusted individuals.

You can join CRED only if you have a credit score of 750+, and the app also offers great product deals, holiday vouchers, subscription offers, lucky draws, spinners, and all of it at the cost of cred coins and gems.

Download Now and get ₹1000 cashback

How can you earn CRED Coins and Gems?

For every rupee you spend on CRED, you receive a cred coin. The logic is simple if you pay ₹1000 to your credit card, you earn 1000 cred coins.

To earn cred gems, you have to refer people via your cred referral link of invite link. For every person who joins via your invite link, you’re eligible to get 10 gems once they complete their first credit card bill payment on CRED. Unlike CRED Coins, the gems are very valuable, you can redeem super exciting deals, products, or vouchers and cashback with cred gems. At times, CRED also has a contest where you can top the referral leaderboard and win cool gadgets like the latest iPhone, Macbooks, Amazon GV, etc.

How does CRED work?

The CRED new user onboarding process is a very easy and quick process and won’t take more than 5 minutes to install and pay your first credit card bill.

  1. Install the app – IOS / Android from the cred invite link (open the link on mobile)
  2. Signup with your mobile number & verify with OTP
  3. Boom!! All your cards now get displayed. CRED has done the integration with Credit Bureaus like Experian to make this is possible.
  4. Now you have to verify your card to add them to the app by filling in the masked numbers of the card.
  5. CRED verifies your card instantly and that’s it.
  6. You shall now pay your bills and get reward points equal to the bill amount paid.

CRED complete your background checks while you sign up on the app. They do use APIs from different CIBIL services to make sure you are eligible to join the club. They are very strict about the people coming into the app. If they find you’re not trustworthy from your credit history, you won’t be able to proceed further. You can try your eligibility from the cred referral link above.

How much did I earn via the CRED referral link refer earn program?

I earned decent good money and goodies from CRED for referring people to CRED App.


Not limited to the above ₹30,000 cashback to my credit card, I have also won an iPhone 11 pro in a contest organized by CRED App.

Is the CRED Referral program, Raffles, and Rewards scam?

The one-word answer to this question is NO. They’re not a scam, they do really reward the winners. Being a winner of a refer and earn contest held in 2020, I can say that the rewards on CRED are legit and not a scam. I was participating in a contest where the top 5 referrers win iPhone 11 pro and I was able to win one. If you want to win cool goodies, all you have to do it, share your invite link or cred referral link with your friends and invite them to this cool app.


Is CRED App Safe?

Kunal Shah is an Indian Entrepreneur who has experience in building fintech products before. He was well known in the Entrepreneurial world as the founder of Freecharge. His experience is very well evident in the product design and security of the CRED App. The app store and play store reviews are also proof of CRED’s reliability and trustworthiness. It’s really hard to find payment apps with 4.7-star ratings on the play store. If CRED wasn’t a legit app, you won’t be seeing the cred referral link on our blog.

The final conclusion is CRED is a trusted, reputed, and reliable app for paying your credit card bills.

How does CRED make money? CRED business model

Recently CRED was given the unicorn title and everyone will be super curious to know how CRED makes money. How can they afford to give referral benefits of ₹1000 for referring new people as a bonus? The simple answer is that CRED is not curious about making too much money at the moment. They are aggressively bidding on acquiring users by burning a truckload of money.


Still, CRED makes money, they have product deals and holiday offers where you can book hotel vouchers and order products via CRED. They make small money while you shop via CRED. Also, CRED earns from those merchants for listing their products and services on their app. In most cases, the rewards offered on CRED may be sponsored by some brands and CRED is acting as a fair platform to make the transaction happen.

Recently CRED also launched CREDPay, where you can use coins to pay merchants. Hope this will be something big in the future and still in’s early days of CRED. As Kunal describes, let’s not see CRED as a fintech company, they are a lifestyle company.

CRED invite link Privacy Policy

This post is not sponsored by CRED, it is an honest review based on my experience.

Where can you share your CRED referral link?

  • Write a blog post about the CRED App, review its features, and post your cred referral link on the post.
  • Create a youtube video about the cred app and mention your invite link in the description.
  • Write on Quora about the cred referral program and share your referral link over the post.
  • Share your cred link with the relevant audiences who are struggling with credit card bill payments on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.


  1. Hi! I am sending you Rs. 250 towards your credit card bill this month. Sign up on CRED (official sponsor of IPL) using this link and claim the cashback and other rewards when you make your first payment. Hurry, this link of CRED expires in 48 hours.

  2. 🔥🔥There is🔥 No Refferal code 🔥 for cred, link option is the only way to Join 🔥🔥
    Hi! I am sending you Rs. 250 towards your credit card bill this month. Sign up on CRED (official sponsor of IPL) using this link and claim the cashback and other rewards when you make your first payment. Hurry, this link of CRED expires in 48 hours.
    Playstore download link

  3. 👍 👍 very nicely elucidated… Get upto Rs. 250 towards your credit card bill this month. Sign up on CRED using this link and claim a cashback and other rewards when you make payment.

  4. Get upto Rs. 250 towards your credit card bill this month.
    Also get cashback and Cred coins on every month’s credit card bill payment.
    Use Cred coins to redeem on multiple apps.
    Get Referral benefits.
    Sign up on CRED using this link and claim a cashback and other rewards when you make a credit card bill payment.
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