Basis App Referral Code for ₹200 CB Woman only card

Basis Referral Code

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Join the basis card with the referral code M7Y8VS to receive a ₹200 cashback to your prepaid card on your first deposit of ₹1000 within the 7 days of joining.

Basis, India’s first finance services app exclusively curated for women brings you the first hands-on experience of a prepaid card, Basis Power Card, carefully designed by women for women keeping women’s financial choices in mind. Refer a friend, share your Basis App Referral code, and get her to sign up for her own Power Card. Once she adds a balance of ₹1000 or more within a week earn a cashback of ₹200 to ₹500! 

The Basis App Referral Code

Imagine the power you feel as a woman holding a card that is designed by keeping your expenditure style in mind. Not just that but exclusive rewards for women-centric purchases and guaranteed cashback of 1% for all swipes. Basis brings you their Power Card that rewards you for spending the way you want! All this with no hidden charges. Get access to the Basis Power Card using my Basis App Referral code M7Y8VS to plan your finances like a woman! 


Attributes Answers
Basis Referral code M7Y8VS
Eligibility 18+
Referral benefits Cashbacks of ₹200 to ₹500 for you and ₹200 for your friend.
App Basis 
Founding father Hena Mehta
Cities PAN India
Platforms Android, iOS, Web

The Basis Power Card Review

Basis introduced India to its first exclusive prepaid card designed especially for women in the women in finance business keeping in mind the nitty gritty details about women’s financial choices as well as money management tactics. Basis rewards every online purchase made by women-led businesses to promote and celebrate the success of womenfolks in the current world. Even the rewards are thoughtful enough to seem like a Christmas present! Promise, you simply cannot turn your faces away from these!


The reward partners include Nua, The Brooklyn Creamery, The Pink Box, Sugar, Foxtale, Kiro, Disguise, BookMyShow, and more. Every female individual over the age of 18 years is eligible to apply for this card and get up to 1% cash back on every transaction made using the Basis Power card. Basis spoils you with assured cashback for every payment you make. There is no requirement for tedious paperwork to get hold of the Power. Women get to face so many hurdles throughout the day and the last thing that should be hard for them is managing their money. Basis makes sure to cut down on the technicalities in achieving money management goals for women.

It promises an exclusivity that has never been before in the market. The brand aims for building a community of financially aware women, giving them a space to communicate, suggest and seek guidance. The Basis app features bite-size educational content to amp up your money-making strategies and aid your financial strength. The app is a sacred space for women to learn and receive encouragement to smarten up their financial decision-making.

Basis Referral Program

Moreover, Basis helps you track down your expenses, and hence, you get clear insights into your spending habits. Basis acts as a practical and personalized tool for you to use to take good care of your finances.

Register using this link to sign up:  and explore for yourself! There are no hidden charges involved in any of these services, leaving no space for regrets. Do not forget to use our Basis App Referral code to get your Basis Power Card: M7Y8VS


Any female above the age of 18 years is eligible to apply for the Basis Power Card. Follow the link to register yourself and undergo a minimal KYC check. To get your Basis Power Card use our referral code M7Y8VS while signing up and add a balance of ₹1000 or more to get your guaranteed cashback rewards. Once you are an official Power Card holder, you can refer your friends. Once they sign up using your referral and add a balance of ₹1000 or more, you get a cashback of ₹200 to ₹500. 

Steps To Use your Basis App Referral Code

  1. Follow the link, or use the Basis App Referral code: M7Y8VS to sign up.
  2. Get hold of your Basis Power Card.
  3. Refer a friend to basis.
  4. Your friend signs up using your referral code and adds a balance of ₹1000 or more within 7 days
  5. You win a cashback of ₹200 to ₹500 while your friend gets ₹200 cashback guarantee. 


  • Is the Basis Power Card free?

Along with the services, the Basis Power Card comes free of cost. No joining fee and no hidden charges are applicable for any assistance.

  • Does signing up require KYC checks?

A minimal PAN card authentication is required and nothing else apart from that.

  1. Is a KYC check mandatory for Basis Power Card?

As per PPI guidelines, a KYC check is mandatory for Basis Power Card.


  1. Can you please do an unboxing video of the basis card? Does it deliver with some other gifts or just the card? I’m curious to know


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