HotelTonight Referral Code for $25 Discount on 1st Booking

Referral offer of HotelTonight app

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Use the Hoteltonight referral code AAUGUSTINE48 to complete your signup with the HotelTonight app or website and reward yourself on your first stay.

HotelTonight Referral Code

If you have been wondering if there is any website that could get you the best deals for your immediate hotel bookings, worry not, your prayers have been answered! HotelTonight brings you the opportunity to search from hundreds of options at the lowest price possible! To add more to the excitement, we are offering you a discount of $25 on your first HotelTonight booking on spending $135 USD or more. The offer is available for a one-time application only. Click here and get the app now!


Attributes Answers
Referral code AAUGUSTINE48
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits $25 discount on first hotel booking on an expenditure of $135 and up
App HotelTonight
Founding father Sam Shank
Cities US, Japan, Australia, and Europe
Platforms Android, iOS, Web


HotelTonight Overview

If you are constantly on the move or need a quick fix for your sudden plans, do not worry as HotelTonight comes to the rescue here. HotelTonight takes care of your last-minute hotel bookings whether you are planning a weekend getaway or trying to get somewhere to crash after midnight. Not only does it give you the cheapest deals, but HotelTonight also has this amazing referral program where you can save $25 right away on your first booking. After starting as a website that allows immediate bookings for the night, HotelTonight can offer you deals for lengthy stays. Curious about how they operate? Let me tell you.


HotelTonight contacts the management desks of the best hotels in the city and looks out for the unoccupied rooms available for the night. Then they book them for you at minimal prices to suit your pocket, as well as your taste, to give you the best experience possible. HotelTonight perks are rewards that customers are subjected to when they make recurring bookings; which means more savings on your hotel bookings. So use the HotelTonight Referral code to book your next stay! You can follow the link to get the app and once you sign up, the reward will automatically be added to your account. Sweet, simple, and hassle-free. 

HotelTonight Referral Program

Sign up using the link provided or use our HotelTonight referral code AAUGUSTINE48 to get a discount of $25 once you spend $135 on bookings. The referral code can be used during the checkout process while you are making a booking. This coupon is for one-time use only, although once you become a regular, you will get to unlock several levels of HotelTonight perks by collecting points, which you can apply as discounts anytime.

$25 Credits for your first booking

Apply the code while signing up or even you can redeem it from your account after registration.

More Less
Doesn't expire

If you forgot to apply the code while signing up, don’t worry you can still go to your account page and click on the redeem a code button to apply the referral code above and be eligible for the same offer.


Steps To Use HotelTonight Referral Code

For a seamless booking experience, check out the HotelTonight website or their app. Get $25 off on your first HotelTonight booking by applying our coupon code AAUGUSTINE48 once you spend $135 on hotel booking, and that too on your last-minute hotel bookings. Sign up and book your stay now to enjoy a flat $25 discount!

  1. Click here to Sign up at the HotelTonight website
  2. Tap on the ‘Sign Up to Claim It’ option
  3. Enter your name, surname,  email address, and phone number, and choose a password
  4. Tap on ‘Sign Up
  5. The Referral Code will automatically be applied to your booking or if you are directly downloading from the Playstore, then apply the coupon AAUGUSTINE48.


  • Does HotelTonight offer stays for just one night? 

No, HotelTonight offers immediate bookings as well as advance bookings.

  • How many times can I use the HotelTonight referral code? 

The referral code is for one-time use only and you can invite your friends with your coupon code.

  • Can I make multiple bookings at one time?

Yes, one can make up to 4 bookings at a time with HotelTonight.

  • How far in advance can I book?

Customers can make a booking up to 100 days prior to the booking date.

Invite your friends to stay with Hoteltonight and enjoy your free stays with the referral credits.


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