BTCDana Referral Code for $8 Cashback New Users

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You can redeem the BTCDana referral code 16361863 to signup for BTC Dana App and start trading. Please read through the end of this post to know more about the exchange.

BTCDana Referral Code

New users of BTCDana are now eligible for 8$ cashback! What you have to do is use the coupon code that we are providing you 16361863 during the signup process. Now you can get a brand new car by referring BTCDana to your friends. People passionate about money have always chosen trading as their tool to create wealth. BTCDana brings you an opportunity to start your own wealth management journey by trading and as a nudge of encouragement, BTCDana offers every new referee $8 once you use the BTCDana referral code 16361863.


Get amazing prizes by inviting friends. Prizes include Boat Rockerz 518, Mi Band 5, Redmi 10 Prime, Bajaj Platina 100, and a Maruti Suzuki Brezza once you successfully make 20 friends join and they cumulatively trade off 7777 lots. Grab the opportunity to make money work for you.

Attributes Answers
BTCDana Referral code 16361863
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits $8 cashback for new joiners with the referral code
App BTCDana
Type  Forex Trading App
Cities Globally recognized
Platforms Android, iOS, Web


BTCDana Overview

Wealth creators who are excited to explore options in the global market should definitely try their hands at trading with BTCDana. BTCDana is on its journey to becoming one of the most trusted trading platforms within the international trading community. The app is specifically designed for the current generation of traders leaving them with opportunities to extend their portfolio online. It is not just a trading app, but it provides you with tools to do your own analysis before trading. Traders can dabble with more than 30 options of assets, including precious metals, crude oil, and so on.

With a simple user interface and attractive reward systems, BTCDana attracts both newbies and seasoned traders. The barrier for new and aspiring traders is low and hence it catches the attention of most aspiring current-generation traders. Currently, more than 1 million active traders are trusting BTCDana as their preferred trading platform.

This app has always prioritized innovation and customer convenience which has led BTCDana forward to be recognized globally. Apart from the simplicity of the UI, the app provides a straightforward registration process that is hassle-free even for new joiners.

BTCDana Referral Program

Grab your chance to build a vast portfolio. Use our referral code 16361863 and get started! BTCDana rewards you with $8 once you join using the BTCDana referral code. You can only use the referral code for the cashback once. Now if you successfully invite 15 friends and they trade a total of 777 lots you get a Bajaj Platina 100 and if you manage to invite 20 friends and they trade a total of 7777 lots, you get a brand new Maruti Suzuki Brezza!

The best thing is you get a 20% commission on the trading fee for every trade done by the friends who used your referral code. Download the BTCDana app from the app store and sign up using the given referral code. Happy Trading.


For new users to learn trading strategies using a demo account, BTCDana provides up to 14000 mock funds as well as a demo account. It offers you the option to set your limits on your risk appetite; you can leverage up to 500x your investment! The real-time values of top currencies are also constantly displayed on the app, like EUR USD, GBP USD, USD JPY, AUD USD, and so on. BTCDana keeps updating you about the real-time market values and trends on the app to help you to make better decisions.

Steps to Sign Up using BTCDana Referral Code

  1. Open the BTCDana app after downloading from the Play store or App Store and go to Register. Download BTCDana from here to start trading now!
  2. Tap on the Create Account or Signup button.
  3. Type in your Email and password and create an account.
  4. Registration can also be done via Gmail or Facebook.
  5. Add your mobile number and your BTCDana referral code 16361863 and complete your registration.
  6. Verify your email by entering the verification code sent to your email ID.
  7. To learn more about the trading, guidelines, app overview, and more head over to their Youtube channel and learn before you start your investments.

FAQs about the BTC Dana App

  • Is BTCDana reliable? 

BTCDana is reliable and trusted by more than 1 million traders worldwide. But, we know the story of FTX and Vauld and how they crashed, hence cryptocurrency investments are subjected to volatility risk and market risks associated with them. We do not encourage you to keep your crypto in exchanges, always prefer exporting it out to a cold storage wallet to make yourself safe. 

  • How can I refer BTCDana to friends?

Go through the referral and get your referral link or referral code from there. 


  • What is the referral code for BTCDana?

The BTCDana referral code for you is 16361863 and it is for one-time use only.

Disclosure and Note to our readers

All cryptocurrency investments and trading are highly susceptible to volatility conditions and market risks and we learned it from the story of FTX and Vauld recently. We would strongly recommend our readers make their own wise decisions since we cannot predict the future and reliability of any exchanges. Do your own research and arrive at your own conclusion to decide if you should be really putting your hard-earned money into any exchange. We earn commission by promoting the affiliate partners through our blog when you sign up via our referral codes.

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