Pickright Referral Code for a ₹50 CB in UPI + Other Rewards

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  • Apply the Pickright referral code e3qRD2T7c09 to sign up for the Pickright app.
  • You will be eligible for a ₹50.00 cashback in your UPI as a part of your paid Investpack’s reward.
  • The referral code for cashback is applicable for once only.

Pickright Referral Code

The biggest roadblock in the path of wealth creation is the understanding and risk-taking capabilities that most of us struggle to have. But we understand the value of your hard-earned money. Hence, we bring you an app with a carefully curated collection of portfolios including diverse segments like equity, mutual funds, gold, etc. Get started with the Pickright app, India’s first portfolio management service that gives the best returns to make your wealth creation journey easy. These ‘Investpacks’ are extremely successful and known for exceeding predicted profits.


You get a chance to trade in diverse assets in ‘Trading packs’. No chance to question the platform’s credibility— the selection is entirely made by SEBI-registered Analysts and Financial Advisors. 

So choose safety, choose credibility. Sign up for Pickright using my referral code e3qRD2T7c09 to sign up for the app. Use the referral link to download the app and get started in one go! Hassle-free wealth creation is on your way. You get ₹50.00 cashback in your UPI and more rewards by using our Pickright referral code or referral link.

Attributes Answers
Pickright Referral code e3qRD2T7c09
Referral link https://pickright.page.link/unYwvwq6onZFR78P9
Eligibility One-time use only
Referral benefits ₹50.00 cashback in your UPI and more
Website Pickright app
Founder Namandeep Bhatia, Archana Elapavuluri
Cities Pan India
Platforms Android, iOS, web


About Pickright App

Brand Vision: 

The company started with a vision of providing well-researched, reliable, investment advisory products and services.

In 2019 the founders launched Pickright which incorporates a variety of investment options to put SOME of your eggs in one basket to make the optimum profit! It makes investment a no-brainer yet profitable. The app offers charts and analytics for you to understand the predictions and choose better. The platform facilitates live market news and alerts for certain tumultuous times.

In a larger view, Pickright is the digital space connecting stock investors with financial experts within the Indian market. Financial experts are ranked by their success rate and that is how investors get a complete idea about their abilities. They have a scoreboard that depicts their past and present success rate in market predictions. 


This fosters transparency and a seamless experience. They simplified the entire financial portfolio management, suggesting profitability and digitization of financial assets for easy access. So anything that deals with money is something you’ll surely find here.

According to the founders, wealth management should not be restricted to top-tier high net worth individuals. Access to tools and professionals will help people investors from every stratum grow their way into wealth building; so that the separation between rich and poor does not remain apart. 


  • Users are required to verify their PAN number
  • Undertake the KYC verification procedure
  • Update their risk profile to let the financial advisors better understand your requirements
  • Choose the preferred broker option
  • And UPI ID (important for claiming rewards)

Contests at Pickright:

To win mini rewards sign yourself up for the contests at Pickright; you can predict NIFTY closing value or Pick top Stocks and get cash prizes upon correctly predicting. The winner gets ₹100 straight into his UPI account registered. The first runner-up gets ₹50 and the second runner-up gets ₹30 respectively.

Pickright Referral Program  

The Pickright Referral system is very simple to understand and straightforward to execute.  For every peer that you invite to join using your referral code, you get prized with ₹150 when they sign up; it is credited to your registered UPI ID. This is why we suggest not forgetting to register your UPI ID for hassle-free reward cashing. You can invite an unlimited number of individuals, with no bar.

To always keep track of your earnings go to the ‘Refer and Earn’ section of the app, and tap ‘My Referrals’. Sure you will get a record of all the referrals, the status, and your earnings.

How to Sign up for Pickright using my Referral code?

To successfully sign up for the app and register using my Pickright referral code, follow these few steps.

  • Follow the depicted link https://pickright.page.link/unYwvwq6onZFR78P9 and download the app

  • Install it.

  • Enter your phone number (which is linked with your Aadhar card) and tap Next

  • Verify the OTP which has been sent to your number. The referral code will be already added if you have followed the link given, otherwise, add my Pickright referral code e3qRD2T7c09. Tap Sign Up.

  • Tap Next, followed by Next, and then tap Get started.

  • Tap Get started again, for the next pop-up.

Now you are successfully signed in for the  Pickright app.

How to Sign up for Pickright using my Referral code?

To successfully sign up for the app using the Pickright referral code, follow these few steps.

  1. Follow the link above and download the app
  2. Install it.
  3. Enter your phone number (linked with your Aadhar card) and tap Next
  4. Verify the OTP sent to your number. The referral code will be already added if you follow the link given, otherwise, add the Pickright referral code e3qRD2T7c09. Tap Sign Up.
  5. Tap Next, followed by Next, and then tap Get started.
  6. Tap Get Started again for the next pop-up.


Now you are successfully Signed in for the  Pickright app.


  • Is Pickright legit?

Pickright is a SEBI-certified platform with the support of the best broker platforms. It is safe and legitimate.

  • What is the latest Pickright referral code?

the latest Pickright referral code is e3qRD2T7c09.

  • Is KYC required for trading and investing at Pickright?

KYC is required for trading and investing on any platform including Pickright.


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