LifeDigital ZED Series Atom Quad Core Review – 10,000 rupees Macbook Air ??


LifeDigital ZED Series Laptop Looks like a freaking MacBook Air and is fully compact and sleek especially the grey color variant. it is not that heavy to carry around. we’ve seen a handful of laptops and tablets under Rs.20,000 prize range they’re usually infamous for inadequate cooling and low-end core components. among those, only a few devices can be chosen for their value to price quotient. LifeDigital ZED series laptop is one of them.

It has a Freakin 14″ screen which is impossible to find at this price (Most tablets, laptops, and netbooks in this price range comes with only 8 or 11-inch displays) and it can play 1080p videos with 60fps on YouTube with good battery backup (7 hours on heavy usage).
the screen bezels resemble MacBook Air bezels but narrower at the sides. Dedicated LED light indicators for charging and other functions like when capslock toggle is provided.

Gaming Performance

LifeDigital ZED Series can handle a super Match of the game in CS 1.6 at low settings giving a fair frame of 45~60fps so, it can handle some old retro light gaming, and thanks to the Integrated Graphics at least some gaming experience can be gained on this.

List of games that are tested on this machine: Minecraft, Devil may cry 4, GTA San Andreas & Vice City, Max Payne 1&2, Superhot, Hitman 1&2, and NFS Most wanted black edition ran with reasonable frame rates in low to medium settings without hiccups and glitches.

Intel atom X5z8350 processor is a Quad-Core Chip clocked at 1.8Ghz is slow but not that slow. And to make it worse EMMC storage of 32GB is like you’re caged with your exploration and after the update, only 8GB is left for available storage space for usage. So, you have to get either a MicroSD(up to 64GB) or an External Hardisk or both for full storage control.

you can also use a Linux distro here, it’ll make the computer faster and snappier. lightweight Linux distros like ubuntu mate, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, etc can be used as a daily driver. it’ll be a good choice if you are gifting it to children, they can safely browse the internet and gain some Linux skills.

At times you’ll notice a split-second lag as the CPU throttles up to 100% usage at a time Thanks to Windows 10 background bloatware apps. it has dual stereo speakers that are located under the laptop they sound BAD.

The camera on this LifeDigital ZED Laptop Sucks Too. just like any low-end laptop or tablet, it’s a 0.3 MP VGA camera which isn’t any good for quality business meetings but it’ll do good for just announcing your presence in an online classroom.

The laptop gets fairly heated quickly, on normal usage to I’ll advise you to work on this in a cool environment or get a cooling fan. You’ll need to get all the accessories like a mouse and keyboard for full versatility in usage.

But as per my opinion so far the laptop at this price point is worth a bargain because it’s not a cheap-looking small laptop, and works well for the price with a 14″ 1080p screen and a quad-core intel atom CPU.

We can purchase a LifeDigital ZED Series laptop for less than the listed price with extra discounts, most of us got this laptop for Rs.9990/- even though the listed price is Rs.11,490/-


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