Fuelbuddy Referral Code for Free 5L Diesel on Every Successful Referral

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Go ahead and sign up for Fuelbuddy using my Fuelbuddy referral code 8848637742 to get fuel delivered directly to your doorstep. Services are provided 24/7.

  • Successfully refer a friend and get 5 liters of diesel for absolutely free of cost. They add the value of 5L of diesel to your credits upon every successful referral and you can use it for your transacations.
  • Offer is valid for every successful referral made to a new customer.

Fuelbuddy Referral Code

Now, if you run out of fuel for your generator in the middle of the night, or if you need a refill to kick start your motorcycle, Fuelbuddy will be there for your rescue 24/7!  Hence no tension of falling short of fuel or of interrupted power supply. Download the Fuelbuddy app from the link and use my Fuel Buddy referral code 8848637742 for signing up. In return, whenever you share your unique referral code with your friend and family, you get rewarded with 5L of free diesel each time someone makes their first purchase.


This means, the more you refer, the more free diesel for yourself! Don’t let go of this chance and register yourself asap!

Attributes Answers
FuelBuddy Referral code 8848637742
Eligibility One-time use only; for new user
Referral benefits Free  5 L diesel with each referral (after their first successful purchase)
Validity 31-12-2023
Founder Sumit Kumar Narav
Founded in 2017
Cities Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi-NCR, Thane, Ahmedabad, Pune, Navi Mumbai, Nasik, Kanpur, Lucknow, and a total of 180+ cities in India
Platforms Android, iOS, Web


Fuelbuddy Overview

Fuelbuddy is the biggest on-demand fuel delivery app which is a part of Treis Solutions LLP,  known for innovating various fuel-related solutions for the Indian population. This particular service not just takes care of your convenience but saves your time and business. While businesses can collaborate with Fuelbuddy to reduce machinery downtime and escape any issues encompassing storage, mobility, and delivering fuel supplies on business sites, individuals can have access to unlimited fuel for their cars and generators at any time of the day. The system is equipped with a smart storage system as well as smart tracking of consumption. It is equally convenient for small-scale as well as large-scale consumption; the least amount of fuel you can order is 20 L. 


Another reason why you might want to consider Fuelbuddy is that you can track, analyze and budget your fuel consumption on the website free of cost. It can majorly come in handy for auditing and budgeting purposes. It takes away your responsibility of accounting or engaging any manual labor for the same purpose. For heavy-duty setting,  the equipment of Fuelbuddy are highly adaptive and can have access to even difficult- hard-to-reach spaces. Big corporations like Stork Group, Platinum Motocorp, and Talbros have already partnered with them. It’s your turn to test out their convenient services and leverage them.

Fuelbuddy Referral Program

As soon as you finish your sign-up process using my Fuel Buddy referral code 8848637742,  a pop-up will be sent to your app screen offering you your own unique code for referral purposes. When someone uses your referral code to sign up and makes their first purchase from Fuel buddy, you are eligible for free 5 L of diesel on your next order. Similarly, if you use my Fuel buddy referral code, and make your first purchase, I get entitled to the freebie. This is how simple the referral program of Fuelbuddy is. Try it out to get free fuel for yourself too!


Steps to Sign up for Fuelbuddy using my Fuelbuddy Referral Code

The required steps to successfully sign up for Fuelbuddy are listed below

  1. Download the app or simply follow the link to get it from the Playstore directly please note that there is no referral link and you can apply the referral code after the signup is completed.
  2. Allow the app to have access to your location.
  3. Tap on New User? and Add your Name, Email address, Company name if any, address, GST number if any, 10-digit mobile number and set a password.
  4.  Tap on Generate OTP and Register
  5. Enter the OTP and tap Confirm
  6. While your registration process is being successful, a pop-up will appear. Tap on Have a Referral Code?
  7. Now tap on Save Referral and enter my Fuelbuddy referral code 8848637742

Now your referral code has been updated and you are successfully registered.


  1. What is the latest Fuelbuddy referral code?

The latest referral code of Fuel Buddy is 8848637742

2. Is there any minimum limit for orders at Fuelbuddy?

You will have to place an order for a minimum of 20 L of fuel at Fuelbuddy.

3. Is Fuelbuddy legitimate?

Yes, Fuelbuddy is absolutely legal, and safe as well as the quality of the product is unadulterated.

4. How will I get paid for the referrals?

For every successful referral, they credit the value of 5L Diesel to your wallet in Fuelbuddy and you can use it for your future orders.

Coupons last updated on: 1st August 2023


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