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Speed, It Matters Most

Angel Lmbrr
Reviewed in Mexico on 5 December 2018

The 128 GB Samsung Fit Plus Flash Drive memory I tested with the latest version of CrystalDiskMark 6.0.2 gave a favorable result and promises the read speeds specified by the manufacturer.

” The memory has a mediocre performance, but it is FULLY NORMAL on all USB or micro SD drives (it is difficult for a thumb drive to reach 100 MB/s in writing) Compared to a 2TB 7200RPM hard drive with 64 MB cache, read speeds are lower but write speeds are almost symmetrical (on my mechanical hard drive it was 160 MB/s in writing and reading) this is inherent in the way mechanical disks read and write. What’s surprising about Samsung Fit Plus Flash Drive 128 GB reads and writes superior to any mechanical disc. “

In conclusion, is it fast?

The answer is YES, it is the fastest thumb drive so far, it is also practical and tiny, but comes with a higher cost than many other memory options and its price becomes similar to an SSD of the same capacity (128 or 256 GB). The temperature does not concern me, it is also normal in these Kind of Devices.


Excellent USB!

 Óscar Antonio 

Very good USB, I did the tests transferring some videos and photos from another memory and it does it quickly, of course, in its due port 3.0 to do its function, in terms of portability, excellent, would only appreciate a small-cap to protect against ingress of dust or strokes of fluff if you carry it in your shirt or pants bag, although it brings to attach a keychain”

“With Samsung warranty to withstand temperatures (range), bumps, magnetic fields, and water. Very good!


Great Samsung product

Amazon Customer

Reviewed in Canada on 5 July 2019

Works as advertised and then some. I can run a Linux machine from this without the usual waiting for programs to load. Best recommendation I can make for this one. Should have purchased the higher capacity.”



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