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referral code of Rapido

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Join with the Rapido referral code CBAPQ5M to get a ₹50 bonus after your first two rides. You will also get the same bonus on referring new users to the app with your referral link.

Rapido Referral Code

The latest Rapido referral code in 2024 is CBAPQ5M and cashback will only be added after your first ride.

App Codes
🛺 Rapido referral code CBAPQ5M
🗞 Coupon Eligibility New users
💸 Referral Earnings ₹50 CB after the first ride
🗓 Expires on 31-12-2024
🎛 App Rapido
📱 Platforms Android, iOS
🏙️ Cities served
Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi-NCR, Hyderabad and 100+ other
🏢 Parent company
Roppen Transportation Services Private Limited

What is Rapido?

Rapido is a point-to-point auto and bike booking startup similar to Uber and Ola. There are hundreds of apps for booking your daily commute these days and it’s difficult to choose a reliable one for your daily needs. In this post, we will see what makes Rapido unique and different from the other apps available in the market and how you can redeem the new user bonus with the Rapido referral code.

Why Rapido?

If you are looking for a cab, the first name that comes to your mind would be Uber because of its reliability over all other apps. Similarly, Rapido should be the #1 name that should come to your mind when you think about auto booking. There are many reasons for the same, the top one being the availability of drivers at every location and you get an auto within seconds. According to the company, most of the trips get accepted by the Rapido captains within a few seconds.

How to get Rapido’s new user bonus with a referral code?

  • Download the app either from this referral link or directly from the Playstore or Appstore.
  • Click on register now as a new user and enter your mobile number to verify your account with an OTP. Enter your name and email id to complete your signup on the app.
  • rapido-app-referral
  • Tick the selection box asking if you have a referral code and enter the Rapido referral code to get your cashback after your first two rides.
  • Now you have completed the registration and you can instantly book your trip by entering the pickup and destination and a valid payment method.
  • Rapido supports multiple payment methods such as amazon pay, Paytm, debit/credit cards or Pay later like Lazypay and even UPI.

How to get a discount on your auto rides in Rapido

  • You have three methods to get a discount on your Rapido trips. The first one is by using coupons and the next is by taking a ride pass for 25% off on your trips. The last method to get a discount is by paying with Rapido coins.
  • rapido-power-pass
  • The latest Rapido coupons will be updated to you by notifications by the app and you can also get them from third-party apps like Colive, and Paytm. Use your coupons to redeem a discount on your rides with Rapido.
  • Taking a ride pass can save you 25% on every trip and there are 2 passes available for auto, the best one is for 10 rides and it will save you money if you are riding with Rapido every day.
  • rapido-referral-code
  • Refer your friends to earn coupons and Rapido coins which you can redeem on your further trips completely.

Possible new business expansions of the Rapido App

Rapido can evolve a lot from what it is today and might as well try and come up with new business models like,

  • Subscription-based model: Rapido could offer a subscription service to frequent users, where they pay a fixed monthly or annual fee for a certain number of rides or deliveries. This could help build customer loyalty and provide a more predictable revenue stream for the company.
  • Advertising and sponsorship model: Rapido could partner with brands and advertisers to display ads or sponsored content within the app. This could create a new revenue stream for the company while providing value to customers by offering relevant promotions or discounts. A referral code based advertising on the autos fleet with a digital display combined with an affiliate marketing model can bring up a lot of opportunities to generate revenue for rapido.
  • Integration with other services: Rapido could integrate its platform with other services such as food delivery or e-commerce platforms. This could help increase the usage of the app and provide additional revenue opportunities for the company.
  • Electric bike-sharing: With the growing popularity of electric bikes, Rapido could consider introducing electric bike-sharing services to its platform. This could attract a new set of customers and provide a more sustainable transportation option.
  • Partnership with public transportation: Rapido could partner with public transportation providers to offer first and last-mile connectivity solutions to commuters. This could help reduce congestion in cities and provide a convenient and affordable option for commuters.

Refer and earn program of Rapido

The referral rewards of Rapido are built rewarding for both the referrer and referee if the referee completes the ride within 7 days of registration. Your referral credits or coins are valid only for 7 days once it is credited to your account and make sure to redeem them within the expiry date. You only have to share your referral code with your friend and not any referral links. The final decision of Rapido will be binding and they deserve the right to cancel your credits if they find any violation or abuse of the referral program.

FAQ about the referral program

  1. What is the latest referral code for the Rapido app?

Answer: The latest referral code is CBAPQ5M.

2. How much can I earn from referring my friends? Is there any cap on the cashback?

Answer: You can earn as much as you refer and Rapido hasn’t mentioned any cap on the referral credits and coins.

3. Can I get cashback if my referee books a bike instead of an auto?

Answer: Yes, the referral bonus is credited regardless of the ride mode.

4. Can I withdraw my credits from my wallet earned by inviting friends?

Answer: No, you can only use the credits and coins on your future bookings and cannot redeem them in your bank account.

5. Can I track the status of my referrals and the cashback transactions?

Answer: See the below screenshot to understand what the transactions page of referral earnings looks like. You can see the statement of the transactions with the name of your referrals on the app.


Rapido referral coupons last updated- 1st January 2024


  1. Rapido Referral Code :

    1) To receive a Rs. 20 sign-up bonus, you must use the referral code “CKSBQJV.” while signup/registration.
    2) Next, input the locations of your pick-up and destination.
    3) Make your first Rapido ride reservation. By combining a 50% off promotion bonus with a Rs. 20 welcome bonus, you can enjoy a rise worth Rs. 40 for free.

  2. Latest & updated Rapido Captain app referral code: 👉RUEOYMP👈

    Register using the above code and enjoy joining benefits.

    Use- Ride- Earn.
    (Rapido captain means that you drive the bike using rapido app and earns part time money)

    👉Rapido app & rapido captain app are different.👈


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