CoinTR Referral Id Code for Rewards up to $10,000 for New Joinees

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On joining CoinTR: sign up with our CoinTR referral id code 1994dDnR to win rewards worth $10,000!

CoinTR Referral Id Code

The cryptocurrency market is thriving. People are gradually learning to put their faith in alternative investment options which leads us to the search for the most systemized and cost-effective crypto exchange platform. CoinTR brings you a platform to fit the criteria. Join using my CoinTR referral id code 1994dDnR to get a joining bonus worth up to $10,000!


CoinTR has made the UI and the functions fit for newbies as well as for seasoned traders; for the security and the transparency it provides, CoinTR is emerging as one of the most trusted crypto exchange platforms. Not only does it offer low platform fees, but CoinTR also offers a joining bonus that helps you save more. So don’t waste time thinking about which app to choose to start your crypto journey and choose CoinTR.

Attributes Answers
Referral code 1994dDnR
Expiry date 31-12-2024
Referral benefits Joining bonus of up to $10,000 for new joinees 
App CoinTR
Founded in 2022
Cities Worldwide
Platforms Android, iOS, Web


About CoinTR

CoinTR is a global Cryptocurrency platform of Turkish origin founded in 2022 that provides you with the best trading fees. The goal behind its foundation was to develop a multipurpose trading platform with low charges and swift services. It was formerly known as METX Digital Information Technology Industry and Trade Limited Company. Although the app is comparatively new to the market, the authorization from the Turkish financial institutions, and its associations from London, Beijing, and Istanbul, as well as the team that hails from the top blockchain companies gives CoinTR an edge over other apps making it safe and reliable as well as affordable.

You can find a variety of trading tools including real-time observation data tools to propel your judgment toward the best decision which helps you to invest efficiently. Thanks to their fiat and spot transaction facilities; it makes it so much easier for newbies to start crypto trading. Fiat deposits can be made through VakifBank and Ziraat Bank. Moreover, you get the option to choose between 100+ currency types.


Keeping its foundation aside,  when it comes to technology, they have particularly worked on its design and to provide people with a well-rounded stable trading experience, a 3rd generation order matching system was introduced to the UI. User funds are subjected to utmost protection keeping in mind the volatile nature of the crypto market. International professional financial management criterion SOX 404, GAAP, and ISO27000 guards the user funds.

CoinTR Referral Program

What better way to learn to trade than by getting rewarded for recommending people? Sign up using my CoinTR referral id code 1994dDnR to win my referral share of $10,000 on joining. As you become a registered member, you get to share a pool of rewards worth $10,000 with friends and family and that amount gets divided among them depending upon scores on the recommended project. If the project succeeds, you get an additional reward of $20. Moreover, every month the top three projects get a free listing on the app and the next top 7 projects get a 50% rebate on the listing fee. 

How to Register with CoinTR using CoinTR referral ID Code

Join CoinTR and get a chance to experience a smooth lag-free crypto trading experience with real-time graphs of current market rates, tools like spot transactions and so much more. This offer is applicable for new joiners only and is a one-time offer. Registering for CoinTR is pretty easy. For that, you can either use your phone number or Email Id. 

  1. Download the CoinTR app or follow the referral link or even you can download it directly from the Play Store.
  2. Now choose whether you would like to register using your phone number or email and tap on it accordingly.
  3. Enter your Email id or Phone number, and set a password. A pictorial verification puzzle will follow.
  4. Enter the referral id if it isn’t there already and tap Sign Up Now.
  5. The registration is now complete. You’d now be told to download the app if you have used the link to register.


And you are successfully registered for CoinTR! You are now eligible to win your joining bonus.


  • Is CoinTR legit?

CoinTR is absolutely legitimate considering the fact that it has been authorized by the top finance companies of Turkey who have their associates in Beging, London, and Istanbul.

  • What is the latest CoinTR referral ID?

The latest CoinTR referral ID from my blog is 1994dDnR.

The CoinTR invite code 1994dDnR can only be used once while signing up for the first time.

  • How can I deposit fiat currencies on CoinTR?

You can deposit fiat currencies via VakifBank and Ziraat Bank only.


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