Is Queraka trusted app or Scam? When will they pay the winnings? Reviews of Qureka

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Is Qureka a SCAM App ? Can I trust Qureka?

Qureka is a realtime live quiz show app released few days back, and many people has doubt if we can trust Qureka or not. No one is sure if they really pay the winnings. I’ve earned Rs 613 as winnings as of today and their payment policy is like you have to play atleast 10 games to redeem the amount. I’ve paid 7 games till now. I’ll complete this review if they pay me after 3 more games.

Why Qureka was removed from Playstore?

Most people has a doubt on Qureka because at some point of time, this application was not available at the playstore. And after few hours they fixed the issue and the app was live on Playstore again. The application has around 10k+ downloads and for every game also close to 10 thousand people are playing every game.

My earnings proof from Qureka.

This is the proof of my earnings from Qureka in just 3 days, I earned 613 Rs and all of this amount was from Referral only. I haven’t won any game. My referrals had played well and so I earned 613 Rs from their winnings as bonus and also a 220 Rs as referral bonus when all of them played their first game.


As per their terms and conditions I will be able to transfer the amount to my paytm wallet today after the 8.30 PM’s game. I hope they won’t make new terms and conditions after the 10th game. Anyway I’ll keep you posted here.

Review of Qureka app

The game show is better than Mob Show,LOCO,Trivia HQ etc… I found it more interesting because they allow only one life to be used in a single game even if you have loads of lives with you. And they have the best referral program because you win when your friend wins. So it’s a win win situation for both.

Join Qureka and start Earning

You can join Qureka today and start earning from the quiz shows. If you’re cool you can start with the invite code AMAL120